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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Game Review - Nancy Drew - The Silent Spy

Nancy Drew - The Silent Spy
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Nancy Drew - The Silent Spy
About the Game
Defuse a Toxic Plot and Reveal the Truth Behind Kate Drew's Death. Nearly a decade ago Agent Kate Drew left home to neutralize a biochemical weapon in Scotland. While her assignment was a success, Kate died in a car accident. Or so we were told. Now the echoes of a similar plot reverberate and it's up to you, as detective Nancy Drew, to thwart the sleeper cell and expose the truth about your mother's tragic demise.
Nancy Drew - The Silent Spy

Product Features

  • Solve the Most Personal Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Ever Learn about Nancy's mother and what really transpired during her final days
  • Tinker with Cutting-Edge Spy Gadgetry Expose dead drops and black operations by gathering intelligence and new leads
  • Experience Nancy's Childhood Memories Trigger vivid memories of Kate Drew as you discover critical information
  • Match Wits with New Twists Characters change their motives as your investigation unfolds
  • Immerse yourself in Traditional Scottish Heritage Investigate a remote training arena dedicated to the culture of the Highland Games

More information can be found here -
Nancy Drew - The Silent Spy

My Take on the Game
What a great new addition to the Nancy Drew Games for your PC. I have been a fan of these games for some time and I have to say that each seem to be getting just a bit better and the plots become just a bit more complex and fun! I found the puzzles to be challenging for myself, and even at the easier level, my daughter still had to work to accomplish what she wanted.

The graphics in the game rocked and the people providing the voices did a great job at portraying the characters that they were supposed to be. The game is not a quick one and you do have to work at solving the game and it will take a bit of time, so be patient, it is worth the wait.

This game will keep you on the edge of your seat and will challenge your sleuth skills. For my daughter and I neither of us were disappointed at all and I don't think you will be either.

The only downside to the game in my opinion is that I would have liked to have been able to explore the world outside of the hotel buildings, but alas, it was not meant to be.

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