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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Book Review - LeaderSHOP Vol 1: Workplace, Career, and Life Advice From Today’s Top Thought Leaders

LeaderSHOP Vol 1: Workplace, Career, and Life Advice From Today’s Top Thought Leaders

About the Book
Do you wish you could eavesdrop on conversations with some of today’s smartest thought leaders?
Here’s your chance.
LeaderSHOP provides candid talk from experts like Stephen M.R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Doug Conant, Sally Helgesen, David Ulrich, Bill George, Laura Vanderkam, Mark Sanborn, and dozens more.
Coach and bestselling author Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan asks these experts the questions most pertinent to your success at work and in life. Their responses will inspire, motivate, and possibly even surprise you. And one thing’s for certain: they’ll make you smarter and better prepared to perform at the next level.
With a foreword and additional commentary by Marshall Goldsmith, the World’s only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker, LeaderSHOP is sure to become a favorite item in your personal development toolkit.
In LeaderSHOP you’ll get great ideas on how to:
  • challenge traditional definitions of leadership and success
  • deal with conflict in ways that strengthen relationships
  • cultivate personal gifts you didn’t even know you had
  • create a to-be list that’s more helpful than a to-do list
  • navigate office politics while advancing your own good causes
  • strengthen your personal and professional “brand”
  • build a user-friendly culture that brings out people’s best
  • establish a high-trust, high-performance team
  • give and receive feedback that really helps
  • name and tame the “undiscussable” elephants in the room
  • increase your value at work, at home, in life

My Take on the Book
This book is one that will truly get you thinking about leadership in a whole new way. The book is full of great interviews that have so much valuable insight that will lead you in new ways. This book was filled with conversations with thought leaders that will bring you on a deep dive into leadership itself. No matter what you are doing in your current role, this book is an inspirational read that will make you think larger and beyond what you know to move you to the next level of leadership. The book was easy to understand and read because of the way in which the author got his interviewees to open up and share insights that you will not find in other books. I found that as I was reading this that I would go back and re-read some of the sections as the content was that good! If you want to amplify your own leadership skills, this book is a must have!

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Book Review - Mindfulness for Kids: 30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy, and In Control

Mindfulness for Kids: 30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy, and In Control

About the Book
Mindfulness for Kids offers fun activities for kids ages 6-12 to stay cool, happy, and present with mindfulness.

Homework horrors, chores, and not-so-friendly friends―that’s enough to make any kid’s brain hurt. The secret to staying cool is easy: it’s called mindfulness―and this book gives kids fun activities to practice it on their own.

Mindfulness for Kids applies mindfulness exercises to stories and real-life scenarios that kids go through at home, school, and with friends. Shared through the voices of five children: Jasmine, Willow, Kayli, Colby, and Zeke, Mindfulness for Kids is an engaging, kid-friendly guide for handling tough situations and powerful emotions mindfully.

From using belly breathing to help with panic before a presentation to actively listening to siblings, Mindfulness for Kids addresses the everyday challenges that kids face with:

  • Mindfulness 101 that teaches kids what mindfulness is, and how they can be mindful of their emotions and senses.
  • Relatable, real-life scenarios that kids encounter at home, school, and with friends.
  • 30 Fun exercises that show kids how tricks like a gratitude list, “counting to calm”, and even yoga poses can help them relax and feel better from not-so-nice feelings.
  • Mindfulness is a kind of superpower we all have but don’t know how to use. In this book, kids will learn how to use this power to feel good about themselves and the world around them through activities and stories told by kids, for kids.

My Take on the Book
This book is filled with great stories that will help your kids to better understand what mindfulness is and what it can do for them. The book introduces kids and parents to how they can better understand their emotions and reactions to life as well as what they can do to better control their reactions as well. I liked how the book examined mindfulness in locations where kids reside, home, school and with friends. This made sense to me as a parent and it also made sense for my daughter as well. We read through this together and we both learned a ton. I have already seen some of the tangible outcomes of this as my daughter seems to not be as quick to react as she was before reading and learning from this book. This is a great book that will truly help you and your kids!

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Book Review - Geometrics: A Striking Color-By-Sticker Challenge

Geometrics: A Striking Color-By-Sticker Challenge

About the Book

Get ready for a new set of exciting challenges that will take your observation skills and artistic pursuits to a whole new level!

Geometrics includes 12 striking portraits to complete with sticker shapes. The numbered shapes on each page can be filled with the corresponding stickers to create sophisticated works of art that will delight you. Ten pages of sticker shapes at the back of the book lead you on a quest to complete a wide variety of portraits, including a bear or a panther, a monkey or a unicorn, a kingfisher sitting on a branch or a hot air balloon sailing across the desert sky. Intricate, complex, and absorbing, you'll spend hours piecing together these sticker puzzles and creating something beautiful and unforgettable. Includes perforated pages.

My Take on the Book
This is a fun book that has so many different pictures within it that will allow you to create some amazing pictures that you and your kids will love to create together. The book has stickers that you will use to create the amazing images!

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DVD Review - Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

About the DVD
Based on an incredible true story, the heartwarming, family-friendly animated adventure SGT. STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO deploys on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital and On Demand December 11, 2018 from Paramount Home Media Distribution. Featuring an all-star voice cast, SGT. STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO has been lauded by critics and received the Dove Foundation’s “All Ages” Seal of Approval and Parents’ Choice Gold Award, making it an ideal holiday gift that the whole family can enjoy.

SGT. STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO depicts the little-known true story of the unbreakable bond between a young soldier and a stray dog on the brink of America’s entry into World War I. For his valorous feats, Stubby is still recognized today as the first dog promoted to the rank of Sergeant in the U.S. Army and the most decorated dog in American history. He is also widely considered the forerunner to the U.S. Army’s working dog program. The delightful animated film shows the world that the greatest heroes can come from the unlikeliest places.
SGT. STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO was directed by award-winning documentarian Richard Lanni and features the voices of Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) and Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter films).

The SGT. STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO Blu-ray and DVD both include a digital copy along with a behind-the-scenes featurette with cast interviews, a documentary short about the real Sgt. Stubby, never-before-seen production art and a historic photo gallery of the early 20th century world as depicted in the film.
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero 2

With an original score by Patrick Doyle (Brave) and animation services by Technicolor that combine CGI and vintage-inspired 2D sequences, SGT. STUBBY: AN AMERICAN HERO was produced and distributed by Fun Academy Motion Pictures. Screenwriters are Richard Lanni and Mike Stokey II (Band of Brothers), with editing by Mark Solomon (Chicken Run).

Special Features:

  • “The Making of a Hero” Featurette with Behind-the-Scenes Footage and Cast Interviews
  • “Real to Reel” The True Story of Sgt. Stubby
  • “Animating History” The Art of Sgt. Stubby
  • Historical Image Gallery
  • Spanish Subtitles  Closed Captioning  Descriptive Audio
  • Genre: Animated/Family/Adventure/History  Street Date: December 11, 2018
  • Feature Run Time: Approx. 84 Minutes (Plus Special Features)
  • MPAA Rating: PG for War Action and Some Thematic Elements

The true story of Sgt. Stubby has resonated with audiences of all ages, including parents, educators, animal lovers, military supporters and history buffs alike. The film has been selected as an official project of the United States World War I Centennial Commission and its French counterpart, La Mission du Centenaire 1914-18; additional endorsements and educational partners include the American Legion, the Connecticut State Library, the National Infantry Museum Foundation, the National World War I Museum & Memorial and the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes.

Beyond his military exploits, Stubby’s status as an adopted stray has resulted in nearly a century of recognition by animal rescues and welfare organizations. As part of the film’s theatrical release, Fun Academy partnered with more than 90 regional and national animal organizations across all 50 states – including the Humane Society of the United States and the Westminster Kennel Club – to shine a light on the human-animal bond and the amazing things adopted animals can do when given a chance in life.

With the “War to End all Wars” looming, the life of Army “doughboy” Robert Conroy (Lerman) is forever changed when a little stray dog with a stubby tail wanders into a training camp in New Haven, Conn. Conroy gives his new friend a meal, a name, a family and the chance to embark on an adventure that would define a century.

About the Real-Life Stubby: Before he was a hero, Stubby was homeless, unwanted, unwashed and unloved, scrounging for scraps on the streets until he was taken in by Private First Class Robert Conroy of the 102nd Infantry Regiment, 26th “Yankee” Division.

In France, Stubby saw frontline action in four offensives and 17 battles. He found wounded soldiers, saved an entire company by alerting the men to don gas masks and even caught a German spy. After the recapture of Ch√Ęteau-Thierry, the women of the town made him an embroidered jacket that would serve as Stubby’s uniform and display his numerous awards throughout the rest of his career.

Returning home to a hero’s welcome, Stubby and Conroy toured the country leading victory parades and met three sitting U.S. presidents, among other honors.

My Take on the Book
I have heard about Sgt. Stubby in the past but this was the first in-depth examination of the dog in a fun, family-friendly way. In watching this as a family I found that this movie to be a fun movie that really was inspirational. This movie really showed how Stubby went from street dog to K9, You also get to see the very unique and special relationship that Stubby has with Robert Conroy. This was a powerful story that everyone should see that shows you the power of this special relationship and the power of the love between dog and friend. Come and learn about the amazing feats of this great dog!

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Product Review - KingCamp Camping Chair

This KingCamp chair is one that will help you in camping, on the soccer field or wherever you need a chair. In opening the box for this chair I found that this chair was well packaged. Once I got it out of the bag that it comes in I found that the chair is a bit heavier than other chairs that I have owned, but that is because it has a heavier frame than others as well. The frame itself will hold up for many years. It will support up to 330 lbs. 

The chair is wide and as you sit in it you will find it is very comfortable. While it is winter now, the material of the chair is breathable which makes me know that next year when it is hot outside I will stay cool in this chair. Also, because it is made with wicking mesh it will also dry quickly if it gets wet. 

As you sit in the chair there are padded armrests, a padded headrest and more to make the chair very comfortable to sit on.

As I mentioned, the chair is wide and when you open it up it measure up to 21 x 32 x 37 inches.

The chair is also portable. When folded up it is 38 x 7 x 6.7 inches after folded. It comes with a carry bag and shoulder strap which makes it even easier to transport.

All-in-all I am very impressed by this chair and you will be too.

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