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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Product Review - MicroTouch SwitchBlade

MicroTouch SwitchBlade

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About the Product
From MicroTouch, maker of the leading men’s personal micro-groomer, comes the new Switch- Blade. No ordinary groomer, the SwitchBlade is the world’s first all-in-one, head-to-toe groomer that lets you remove hair anywhere with just one tool.

MicroTouch SwitchBlade
Designed to “switch” from micro-groomer to full-size trimmer with a cock of the head cover, the unit affords the ultimate man-scaping experience. With German steel blades and 4 comb attachments offering 5 levels of trimming, the closeness of the trim is entirely in your hands. Switch- Blade’s micro-trimmer is as efficient as its predecessor, MicroTouch MAX – for ears, nose, neck, eyebrows, and sideburns – while the new full-size trimmer allows “between barbershop” hair trims in addition to full body grooming.

MicroTouch SwitchBlade
MicroTouch SwitchBlade affords the easy, clean, and close hair removal expected from more expensive groomers, and at $19.99 the SwitchBlade can’t be beat. Requires 2 AAA batteries.

My Take on the Product
This product sounded like an interesting one as all guys have some body hair that they have to deal with. Luckily for me, I don't have huge issues, but they are issues none the less. I found with this product that it seemed to work fine with longer hair, but seemed to not cut all of the shorter, finer hair that I tried to get rid of. I did find that it did not rip the hair out, which was good, as for things like nose hair that is a good thing as that can definitely hurt!

I didn't like that it ran on batteries. I would have preferred that it either have an internal rechargable battery or a plug. It also does not come with a case to hold onto the parts, so you have to come up with something else to hold everything together.

So, for the money the product is multi-functional which is a plus and it does a good job at cutting some of the hairs that I had issues with, but it did miss others (I know - picky picky).

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Fan Milly said...

The majority of people who have purchased the Micro Touch Max seem to agree that it is lightweight and easy to handle, making trimming their own hair very simple, helping them to save time and money. Most men like the padded grip that it comes with, reducing the risk of the trimmer slipping out of their hands and causing cuts or gashes. Other people have stated that using this trimmer eliminates costly visits to the barbershop for them, since they can now perfect their own haircuts at home.

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