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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Review - I Am Walt Disney

I Am Walt Disney
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About the Book
I am the creator of Mickey Mouse. I am Walt Disney.

As a child, I had a wild imagination and a great curiosity. As I grew up, I used those qualities to become a cartoonist. Eventually, I turned these drawings into films and began my own animation business. One of my characters, Mickey Mouse, became so popular that movie theaters sold out and I won an Academy Award. After pursuing a career as a film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, entrepreneur and entertainer, I added developer to my resume when I created Disneyland amusement park. I became tremendously successful and beloved by children of all ages because of my belief that even the impossible is possible. I am Walt Disney.

To this day, Walt Disney's characters remain some of the most recognizable images in the world. With books, TV shows, films, and amusement parks devoted to his creations, the Walt Disney name lives on. Learn all about this remarkable man's fascinating life in Scholastic's biography series, I AM.

My Take on the Book
My family are HUGE Walt Disney fans. I am not just saying Walt Disney Movies or theme parks, but fans of the man himself and the vision that he created that lives on today. This was instilled in me by my mother and I have shared it on with my own kids. This book opens Walt Disney, the man, to the younger reader and what I loved about it was that it shared his whole life with the reader from beginning to end and has a ton of details in it that even I did not know. The book was a great, and easy read and my eldest daughter and I read it together (which was a ton of fun). We are going back down to Orlando to visit the parks in 2014, and I now feel that my daughter has a much better appreciation for the man who started it all because of this book!

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