Dad of Divas' Reviews: Robitussin Products Prepare You For The Cold & Flu Season

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Robitussin Products Prepare You For The Cold & Flu Season

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With cold and flu season approaching, I wanted to share information about the newest Robitussin® products for any upcoming stories. New this year, Robitussin® – the doctor recommended and #1 pharmacist recommended brand for cough, cold, and flu combinations – has introduced:

  • A maximum strength nighttime formula to control coughs and help sufferers get the sleep they need to feel better
  • New, convenient liquid-filled capsules to control cough on-the-go with all the power of Robitussin's maximum strength DM cough liquid. Perfect for travel, especially around the busy holiday season.
  • There is a variety of products tailored to treat the whole family’s symptoms, including a children’s formula that relieves cough and cold symptoms for up to eight hours. Please find a full fact sheet attached with all product details and photos.

At the peak of the 2012-2013 cold and flu season, nearly 50 million adults and children experienced cold and flu symptoms – six times greater than the population of NYC! Plus, the common cold is a leading cause of doctor visits (100M+ each year), and causes 22 million missed school days and 20 million lost work days in the United States annually.

My Take on the Medicine
I have to say that I am very impressed with how well this works for kids. I have tried other cold medicines with my girls and can honestly say that they do not always have the impact or effect that help my daughters with their symptoms. When I use Robitussin, I never seem to have these problems. I have not tried all of the samples that I received for this review yet, but the ones above were ones that I tried myself and that my daughter tried a week ago when she was sick. The medicine did the trick for both of us as I earlier stated, and it also did not taste as bad as I think it could have (for the adult version) and my daughter took it with no problem, which is always a good sign! All-in-all I have to say that I am impressed and encourage you to also try this out for your family!

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