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Saturday, November 30, 2013

DVD Review - The Littlest Pet Shop - Lights, Camera, Fashion!

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About the DVD
Meet Blythe. She’s just a regular girl. She loves fashion. She loves her friends. And did we mention that she has the ability to talk to animals? Good thing this secret gift makes her a perfect fit for The Littlest Pet Shop! On December 17th, 2013, Shout! Factory Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, invite you to join Blythe and her very best friends — Zoe the spaniel, Pepper the skunk, Sunil the mongoose, Russell the hedgehog, Penny the panda, Vinnie the gecko and Minka the monkey — for fashion-filled fun in Littlest Pet Shop: Lights, Camera, Fashion!

In addition to five off-the wall adventures, Littlest Pet Shop: Lights, Camera, Fashion! also comes with a collectible Zoe toy and trading card, and has a suggested retail price of $14.93.

Now is its second season, Littlest Pet Shop delivers captivating entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Featuring all-new original music by Daytime Emmy® Award nominee Daniel Ingram and the vocal talent of Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, Nicole Oliver and Peter New, Littlest Pet Shop currently airs on The Hub TV Network in the US. Fans can pre-order their copies of the collection now by visiting

Episodes Include:

  • Mean Isn't Your Color
  • Russell Up Some Fun
  • Eve Of Destruction
  • Frenemies
  • Summertime Blues

Bonus Features:

  • Sing-Along

My Take on the DVD
My kids love this series! Whether it is because that love animals, are pet owners themselves, or they just love the idea of being able to talk to animals, I don't know, but they are hooked. This series is well made and cover many issues that at least my oldest is starting to deal with. Some of the issues discussed may be a bit too advanced for younger viewers, but the cartoon itself and the characters within will draw the viewer in even further. This is a fun series for the whole family!

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