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Monday, November 11, 2013

DVD Review - Danger in the Manger

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About the Movie
A new teacher must lead his class to singing victory in the family-friendly, holiday adventure Danger in the Manger, coming to DVD and VOD Nov. 19 from Inception Media Group.

Laugh your way through the Christmas season with this heartwarming family tale…

An overly anxious teacher, Mr. Peterson (David Tennant, Fright Night, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), begins a new job at an underdog elementary school, where he finds himself coping with a loose cannon classroom aide, Mr. Poppy (Marc Wooton, Arthur Christmas), who’s usually in more trouble than the kids!

When Mr. Poppy determinedly sets his eye on the national “A Song for Christmas” competition – with an enormous cash prize – Mr. Peterson ends up on a bus full of rowdy kids for an impromptu road trip to the competition. There, he will be up against his estranged, identical twin brother (Tenant in a dual role), a world-famous composer, conductor and all-round “golden boy.”
When they become stranded in the wilderness, Mr. Peterson must stand up, face his fears and try to not only lead the class to safety … but to singing victory!

My Take on the Movie
This story takes place in a school in England. The unconventional assistant teacher, the new teacher and the children decide to head to Wales for a competition. The competition involves writing and singing an original song for Christmas.

The children and the adults embark on a driving experience which is quite an adventure and you wonder if they will arrive at the castle where the competition is being held, in time for the song fest. Be assured they do but with many challenges and opportunities to problem solve along the way.

There are funny moments but also moments where you see families connect in a new understanding of each other. You will see the "underdog" rise to the occasion and meet the challenges of the trip and competition and then there is the surprise ending in the stable on Christmas night.

This is a family movie. The beginning may be a bit confusing but as it progresses , you will become involved in the momentum of the children and the adults singing their way to the end.

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