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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Book Review - Kids Cooking Made Easy

Kids Cooking Made Easy
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About the Book
Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek have done it again. The dynamic duo behind the “Made Easy” series of cookbooks have created a new cookbook with kids in mind. KIDS COOKING MADE EASY (Artscroll, October 2013; Softcover/$15.99) features 60 easy-to-make kosher recipes. They’re fun to make, and the instructions are easy to follow. Every recipe has a photo, and additional step-by-step photos and "Cooking School" tips teach young cooks many new techniques, like how to simmer or sauté—for dishes that are totally sensational.

Says Victoria, “if you are a kid and think you can’t cook, you will learn very quickly that you can.” For parents of picky eaters, KIDS COOKING MADE EASY could be the solution. “If your kids are too young to help, let them look at the photos and pick their favorites.” Leah adds that “once your kids are old enough, you can also bring them into the kitchen like my mother did with me. Kids feel so confident and so proud when they learn to prepare their first dishes on their own.” For both of these busy mothers, cooking with their kids is a way to spend quality time together.

Recipes are categorized by sections of “dairy;” “Meat, Chicken and Fish;” “On the Side;” “Snack Time;” and “Desserts.” Recipes kids will love to make include:

  • Spinach Quesadillas
  • Pizza Soup
  • Broccoli-Cheese Borekas
  • Honey BBQ Chicken Nuggets
  • Chicken Over French Fries
  • Ramen Deli Salad
  • Cauliflower Poppers
  • Zucchini Spaghetti
  • Toasted Bow Tie Chips
  • Sour Gummy Rugelach
  • Peanut Butter Pizzelle Cake

The perfect gift for the holidays, KIDS COOKING MADE EASY will have kids in the kitchen having fun creating yummy meals, snacks and desserts for the family. And of course, enjoy eating the fabulous food they make. So get into that kitchen, open Kids Cooking Made Easy, and get started! Oh, and parents can use this cookbook too!

For more information on the “Made Easy” series of cookbooks, go to

About The Authors
Leah Schapira is the co-founder of, a popular online kosher recipe exchange, and the author of the bestselling Fresh & Easy Kosher Cooking. Leah expresses her love of cooking through her food articles, her busy food website, and her exciting cooking demos and classes. Leah resides in New Jersey with her husband and family.

Victoria Dwek is the managing editor of Whisk, a popular kosher food magazine published weekly by Ami Magazine. Her feature articles take readers behind the scenes to learn from chefs and other professionals in the kosher food world. An experienced journalist and avid hostess, Victoria’s work combines her passions for good food and good writing. She lives in Deal, New Jersey with her husband and children.

My Take on the Book
If you are beginning to cook with your children and want a cookbook which will give you easy recipes with step by step directions and photos to accompany the recipes, this may just be the cookbook to get you started. The women provided excellent resources on measurement in the beginning of the cookbook. If you are new to cooking or your child is new to cooking this will be a handy resource with photos of course.

I found the recipes to be "kid friendly" and the ingredients seemed to be ones children most likely would enjoy eating too. There were sections on dairy recipes which included pasta recipes and quesadillas. Then there was a section on meat, chicken and fish which included grilled chicken sticks and taco night. There was a section on side dishes , snack time, and of course desserts too.

I felt the photos included really added to the step by step directions which would make it easier to "see" how the finished product should look. The authors are parents who cook with their children so I felt this cookbook related to their own experiences with cooking with their children.

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