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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - PadPillow

Pad Pillow
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About the Product
Comfort Computing
Cushy, comfy, cozy—PadPillow stand is designed to keep you and your iPad comfortable. A soft, huggable pillow lets you rest your iPad on your lap or stomach for all those times you'd prefer to skip the desk. PadPillow provides ultimate versatility for your iPad use, all with the comfort of your own body in mind. PadPillow is designed for you, not just your iPad.

The pillow is comprised of two triangular sections connected with a soft hinge. Fold the sections out to the extended position, which is perfect for the floor, a lounge-style chair, or lying in bed. Rest PadPillow and the iPad on your legs, and you control the viewing angle with the bend of your knees. The extended position also gives you space for a Bluetooth keyboard, along with a comfy wrist support.

Alternately, fold PadPillow's sections together for a compact pillow great for your lap, the couch arm, or the chair next to you. In this position, a raised leather label acts as a simple stopper for the iPad, which rests at an ideal angle for all your multimedia applications.

Soft foam is complemented by an equally soft, 100% cotton cover. The stonewashed denim cover is as comfortable as that old favorite pair of jeans, and is removable and machine-washable. PadPillow is so cushy, you could use it as a pillow for your head after you finish using your iPad.

Don't confine your tablet computing and ebook reading to the desk or table. Free your iPad and take comfort computing to a new level with PadPillow.
Product Features

  • Soft body pillow stand with 100% cotton cover and plush foam interior. From couch to bed and from chair to floor, PadPillow goes wherever you do
  • Compatible with iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1, Amazon Kindle ebook reader, Google Nexus ebook reader, and even books and magazines
  • Sturdy enough to use in your lap as a sofa stand. Try it as a bed stand, for car trips, and for on-the-go iPad use. A safe stand for kids, too
  • Educators, PadPillow is the perfect stand for active young learners and for teaching kids to read. Easy to use, easy to hold, and washable
  • PadPillow is also an excellent choice as a holiday gift idea for iPad and Kindle lovers. Give them something they'll really love - and really use

My Take on the Product
If you have an IPad inevitably there are times when you want to be able to sit with your IPad, whether on the couch, on your bed or the like. This product is made to make your life easier and it gives your IPad just the right angle that will make it not only easy to see and read but is aldo comfortable and lightweight, making it something that you will not want to worry about using, even for long periods of time. I also tried using this on the kitchen table and found this to be a great portable stand as well. Thus, this product is very versatile and works as promised. If you have an IPad, or you are getting one for someone this holiday season, you should definitely consider this as well as an additional accessory!

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