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Friday, November 8, 2013

Book Review - The Mini Book of Mini Darts

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About the Book
Now you can play one of the world’s best-loved games anytime, anywhere. A working miniature dart kit, The Mini Book of Mini Darts has everything you need to get your game on, and more. Created, designed, and illustrated by the team behind the successful Darts! calendar, it includes 40 colorful dartboards (used for 43 games); an ingenious fold-out design that features a stand-up magnetic backer; six blunt-tipped magnetic mini darts; and a full-color book filled with games, rules, technique, lore, and trivia—a celebration of darts.

Ah, that satisfying thwack when the dart hits its target—but with no worries about needle-sharp projectiles going astray, or the need for a regulation distance between the oche (throwing line) and dartboard. Just set up the easel-style board on a desk, table, office cubicle, dorm-room floor—or yes, bar—then move back a few feet and play. The 43 games start on the traditional side, with classics like Cricket and 501 played on familiar boards of concentric rings, then move quickly into quirky, innovative, and fun challenges like Pyramid Power, Trip to the Stars, Cupid’s Arrow, Roulette, Please Stand By, and Coney Island Hustle. The boards themselves are works of art, with imagery ranging from bowling pins to Stonehenge to a mushroom and pepperoni pizza, from a Mayan calendar to a drum kit. Plus readers will learn about top players, the origins of -01 games, dartitis—the darts version of the yips—and how to master the perfect throw.

My Take on the Book
This was a fun book that allows you to have fun on the go. I loved the portability of these games all in one compact book. Thus, no matter where you go you can have a blast. I had a lot of fun and on top of that you also get to learn a ton of tricks along the way too!

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