Dad of Divas' Reviews: Annie's New Mac & Cheese Pizza - Worth the Wait! #MacAndCheesePizza

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Annie's New Mac & Cheese Pizza - Worth the Wait! #MacAndCheesePizza

Having to choose between two cheesy and delicious foods can be tough. Pizza? Mac & Cheese? With Annie’s new Mac & Cheese Pizza, you don’t have to! In honor of the latest addition to Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza line, Annie’s put kids’ temptation to the test to see if the combo was worth waiting for. The results are adorable, and I think you’ll enjoy them too! Have a watch, here:

Annie’s Rising Crust Pizza also comes in these great-tasting flavors: Four Cheese, *Uncured Pepperoni,*Barbecue Recipe Chicken, Organic Supreme, and Organic Spinach & Mushroom – all are made with better-for-you ingredients.

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