Dad of Divas' Reviews: The Jewel J06 is the smallest Flash drive I have Ever Seen!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Jewel J06 is the smallest Flash drive I have Ever Seen!

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About the Flash Drive

Impressively Tiny, Incredibly easy

Along with super-tiny drive body and eye-catching color choices, SP Jewel J06 greatly minimize the dimensions and weights of the body to make themselves an extremely tiny drive for easy daily carrying.

Meticulously Crafted and Smooth Touch

Ergonomic shape is especially designed for better and simpler using and holding. Jewel J06 is the perfect storage items for extraordinary taste and style. And the use of high-density plastic housing offers complete waterproof, vibration-proof and dustproof protections.

Enlarged Groove Design

Jewel J06 is equipped with delicate curved shape and enlarged groove design, which can fully realize the needs for simple operation and easy carrying.

My Take on the Flash Drive
This has to be one of the smallest flash drives that I have ever seen, and definitely the smallest that I have ever used. This is the type of flash drive that you could easily leave in a laptop and forget about it, using it for external memory that can easily be taken with you no matter where you go. I also found in using this that the flash drive transfers data at a very high speed too, which is important when you are on the go as much as I am. That being said, having a flash drive that is out-of-sight out-of-mind has its' advantages and this is definitely one that for the price just makes sense!

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