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Thursday, October 23, 2014

DVD Review - Lost Christmas

Lost Christmas

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About the DVD
A series of tragic events that blight a young boy’s life are reversed one Christmas Eve, giving him and those around him the happy ending that was destined in Lost Christmas, coming to DVD and VOD Nov. 11 from Inception Media Group.

On Christmas Eve, 10-year-old Goose (Larry Mills) hides his fireman father’s car keys in hopes of keeping him from going to work. Instead, his mom drives his dad, but the delay puts them in the wrong place at the wrong time and has tragic results.

Now orphaned, a year later Goose is a troubled, lost soul searching to replace all he has lost. The once bright, cheery boy has become a streetwise kid supporting his ill grandmother through petty crime.

When Goose meets a mysterious stranger, Anthony (Eddie Izzard, Valkyrie, Oceans Thirteen, FX’s The Riches) – who appears to have a special gift that enables him to find people’s lost items – you will witness a miracle of the holiday season as a boy finds magic in the least expected place.

My Take on the DVD
This movie was very interesting. It surely made me think just like ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE, makes us think about what is important in our lives.

The main character, a young boy, hides his father's car keys because he does not want him to go to work. This single event causes a chain reaction of events in the story and you see them develop as the story progresses. The mysterious stranger, Anthony , takes Goose, our young boy, through the events that occurred due to the hidden keys. 

You begin to wonder who the stranger is and how he has the powers he has with each person he meets. 

The mystery is one which will surprise you and help you to see his place in the series of events.
I enjoyed the story but felt it was better suited for adults. I believe children will have more difficulty with the story line.

This movie will make you think about decisions and actions you choose to make and how they cause other events to occur even if you don't think they are directly related to you.

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