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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Book Review - Frites: Over 30 Gourmet Recipes

Frites: Over 30 Gourmet Recipes

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About the Book
Fries! Everybody love fries, chips, patatas, or pommes fritex – no matter what you call them the French fry is one of the most celebrated staples in modern culture and never fails to bring pleasure to our plates.

The new book FRITES [Jacqui Small LLP, September 2014, $29.99 US / $32.99 CAN] by author Anne de la Forest, explores the different sizes, shapes, and flavors of the French Fry and embraces many different cooking styles and permutations of ingredients, from polenta and asparagus to the classic French frites Pont-Neufs or US-style skinny fries. Inside information on:

  • Grating, peeling, cutting, and cooking;
  • Traditional fries and trendy fries;
  • Creative fries such as turnip, parsnip, or beetroot fries
  • Sweet fries banana, apple, and pear fries
  • Sauces including Bernåise, curry, barbecue, and tangy tomato

Large or small, fat or thin, peeled or with skins on, French, Belgian, British or American, fries come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. In FRITES readers will be find them all and everything they need to know to make frites on their own delighting friends and family!

My Take on the Book
Frites are popular in many countries throughout the world.

The author has written a book that covers 36 delicious and sometimes nontraditional frites. Some of the recipes are traditional, some trendy, some very creative , and even some are sweet.

Anne de la Forest begins her frites cookbook by giving the reader many pages of excellent information. There is information about choosing potatoes, correct way to store them, and kinds of potatoes. She gives information about other fruits and vegetables and how to either deep fry or oven fry them too. Her recipes call for different kinds of oils and she explains their function. I was amazed by the wealth of information before the reader began to read the actual recipes.

So many recipes and sauces were in this book and all sounded delicious but I opted to make the sweet potatoes and cane sugar frites. The recipes have accompanying photographs, the ingredients are listed, and the directions are well written and were easy to follow. The end result for my sweet potatoes with cane sugar was slightly sweet and a little crunchy. It was a perfect after school snack on the day I made them.

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