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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Book Review - Hannah & Henry Series Books

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About the Books
Henry Is a Big Brother

In Barron's top-selling The Potty Book for Boys, renowned children's author Alyssa Satin Capucilli introduced us to Henry as he graduated from diapers to potty. In The Potty Book for Girls, Alyssa Satin Capucilli also introduced us to Hannah as she also graduated from diapers to potty. Now, Capucilli returns with a new adventure for Hannah and Henry. Both children are getting a new brother or sister!

Having a new baby in the house brings about a range of emotions in an older sibling, from excitement to joy to jealousy. In Henry is a Big Brother and Hannah is a Big Sister, Capucilli and Stott employ straightforward text and eye-catching illustration to explore all of these feelings through a child's eyes. Starting on the big day when the baby arrives home from the hospital, Henry and Hannah will hold the tiny new bundle, count fingers and toes, try to figure out why the baby is crying, help with diapers and bath time, and anticipate teaching his new sibling all sorts of things--like using the potty when the time comes. Waiting until the baby is old enough to play is a big factor for young children, so here Henry and Hannah will also learn the importance of being patient.

My Take on the Book
Both of these books were perfect gifts for the child that is just becoming a new sibling. I can still remember how our oldest reacted and felt when she found out that she would be a big sister, and for many kids this is a time of BIG change. Books like this are nice for young children as they can see other kids going through what they are going through and they can relate. Also, books like these open up dialogue for you and your child about the situation and their feelings. These were fun books that were well written and are great to share for the new big brother or sister in your family!

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