Dad of Divas' Reviews: May 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kodak Cameras

I have been using a Kodak digital camera now for the past five years and recently J-Mom and I have been talking about whether we should consider buying a new one. I take the majority of pictures in my family and I love it. Not only is it an art form that allows me to express my creativity but it also allows me to capture memories and my reality on a daily basis.

In looking at different cameras I have definitely been considering options. It has amazed me at the number of cameras that are out there today and at the cost of the cameras. When we bought our camera it was a pretty nice on at 5 mega pixels and it ended up costing us between $250-$350... at that point...that was a pretty good deal. In this day of ever smaller cameras I tend to find more and more cameras that have pretty good resolution for everyday use, for between $90-$200.

I have been researching options for cameras and seeing that we have had nothing but good experiences with our current Kodak, I am definitely not ruling them out. At the current point I like the Kodak Z1012 IS. One thing that I like about this model is that is is a little larger and gives a little larger view screen as well as a 12X optical zoom which is nice. I also like the high ISO that is available and the fact that it produces 10 mega pixel images.

I have talked to some people whi have used this in the past and they said that they liked the camera, but that battery life was a bit low even with lithium batteries. I don't have first hand knowledge at whether this is true as I have not had the opportunity to try this camera for a lengthy period of time (outside of the store), so it is hard to say whether this is the case. It is the case that this camera does use batteries, and as in most cases, lithium batteries would definitely be the choice for me. I have had great results using Energizer Lithium batteries in the past, not only for my current camera, but also for other household items and hands down, the extra cost you pay for the batteries is worth it in longevity. So long live the energizer bunny on this one!

I have to say that I wish that there was a way to try out these potential cameras prior to buying them to work out whether they are the best for you or not (wouldn't that be a nice incentive for buyers).

So my search continues... what cameras would you recommend?

Adkins Advantage Shakes

This is not to say that I need to lose weight, far from it, but I was fortunate to try a Adkins product called Adkins Advantage Shakes in both Vanilla and Chocolate. I tend to have a sweet tooth so finding a product that fills me up while at the same time is somewhat nutritious is not really a bad thing.

When I received these free items, I made sure to read the directions and I was glad that I did, as it mentions right on the can that for best results and for best taste, make sure to drink the beverage cold as well as shake it up. For the heck of it I tried one cold and one at a bit warmer temperature and it truly does make a difference to drink it cold (so definitely read directions on this product).

The shakes are smooth and thick, just what you want in a shake, and they do come in a number of varieties. I think the next one that I would be interested in trying would be I tend to like this flavor.

I also have to commend Adkins for putting together a variety of products that do taste good, while still holding a large amount of vitamins and minerals that are good for you. I would have to say that if I was going to go on a diet based on flavor alone the products I have tried in the past from Adkins might sway me there way. Beyond this, regarding the shakes once more... based on flavor and overall nutritious value I would recommend these shakes over going to the local McDonald's or other fast food restaurant. Not only will you save the calories, but in this day and time where gas prices are ever-increasing...I would recommend keeping a few of these in the fridge for easy retrieval and for easing that sweet tooth craving.

Just some Dad of Diva thoughts for the day!