Dad of Divas' Reviews: September 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Priceless Parenting - A Great Training Instrument For Parents

I was pleased to be offered the opportunity to review a great parenting resource over the past few months called Priceless Parenting.

I had the opportunity to interview Kathy prior to accessing the content of her site and I can tell you that she truly is a down to earth individual who is all about helping parents become better parents while at the same time working to let parents lower their stress levels while increasing the responsibility of children.

Not only does Kathy maintain her company's website and the free and paid resources that are included, she also maintains the priceless parenting blog that provides parents with wonderful tidbits and helpful hints about being a better parent.

The Priceless Parenting Course

The Priceless Parenting course is a must have for parents no matter how veteran. The topics that she covers impacts all ages from infant to adult children.

The program is very user friendly. It is a web based training that is broken down into 7 Lessons with topics including:

  • Parenting basics

  • Sharing control

  • Problem ownership

  • Letting your kids think

  • Consequences

  • Chores

  • Bringing it all together
The program is very accessible with a secure login for people taking the course. Each lesson is supposed to take about an hour. I was able to get through some of them a bit quicker, but if you were going to take this with your spouse/partner (I would highly recommend it), it may take longer as you discuss issues and topics as they are presented.

The lessons are narrated by Kathy and uses down to earth, real life examples which truly makes the training that much more pertinent. Each lesson even has a homework section that you and your partner can work on together.

Unlike many parenting programs out there, this program is completely self paced. The program allows you to move as quickly or slowly as you would like. The online format/video based format of the program allows you to use forward and back arrows as much or as little as you like to move seamlessly between the topical areas that you know and the areas you may need to hear again. This toolbar also allows you to pause the program as needed, so if you have a parental disturbance (as many of us do) you can deal with it and then go back to the class, starting up where you left off.

The program is somewhat similar to the ideals brought up in some of the other parenting books I have read in the past. Kathy commented that she had tried to use the best of the resources that she was aware of to develop this program adopting the best of the best and taking out the parts that just did not work. She also put in personal and other examples to make the training even more meaningful.

I truly appreciated all of the material that was covered within the training. I have never gone through a formal training like this before and I found myself always looking forward to the next lesson and the learning that it would impart. I already find myself using the knowledge from this course with my eldest (Diva-J). One of the biggest things that I have been trying lately from the training is the idea of choices and providing choices for Diva-J to allow her the freedom to make mistakes and offer learning moments.

I also have to put in a plug for the cartoons that she uses in parts of the lessons. As a fan of the Baby Blues cartoons, she uses these cartoons well to emphasize her points.

This training is inexpensive in terms of what you get and in terms of what else is out there on the market for parenting courses. For 3 months access to the site you pay only $65, and Kathy will even let you register on her site for access to the first lesson to try things out.

For those of you who do not know Kathy, let me shed some light on who she is... from her website itself, Kathy Slattengren is:

a noted parenting educator and presenter who created Priceless Parenting in 2007. She has a deep commitment to teaching parents the critical skills needed for effectively responding to misbehavior while guiding children to becoming responsible and respectful.

While raising her own two children, she learned many wonderful
parenting techniques from classes, seminars and books. Through studying
research, she discovered a universal body of knowledge about how effective
parents do their job. Her Masters of Education degree from the University of
Washington combined with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Computer
Science from the University of Minnesota has enabled her to pull together
parenting research into a course that is easy to understand and apply. After
teaching numerous parenting classes, she knew that parents really benefited when
they learned more effective parenting techniques.

Parents reported how much happier and calmer their homes were after using
the new techniques. Wanting to share this valuable information with parents
everywhere, she created an online course so parents could learn these valuable
skills at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.

I whole-heartily encourage all of you to check out Priceless Parenting to become an even better parent!

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