Dad of Divas' Reviews: July 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jelli Bee Baby - Great Products You Should Check Out!

Thanks to Buck Rogers, I won a Jelli Bee Baby Bib for my daughter Diva-PJ! I received the bib recently and let me tell you, this was not any run of the mill bib. These bibs, let alone, are fashionable (as I got to pick out the color and style that I wanted - and as you can see, pick is all the craze.) but also you can choose whether you have a pocket or not, which we chose to do.

These bibs are heavy duty and well constructed with double stitching throughout. I have tried heavy duty bibs before, and many times these bibs are not washer safe and get kind of nasty after a while even when you have wash them. Thus far, from what I can see, this bib will hold up to anything that Diva-PJ send its' way. The bib is also washer safe which is a plus and makes for easy cleanup.

I also have to commend Jane Schwartz of Jelli Bee Baby as she has been a joy to work with and if her other staff are as friendly and easy to work with as she is, you will have no problems with customer service.

All-in-all I would give this bib a two Dad of Divas Thumbs Up! Check out this great company today!

Friday, July 10, 2009

"Kooky" USB: A fun way to brighten your day!

I was asked recently to try out a new product from EMTEC, called a "Kooky" and are based off the popular character pens known as "Kooky Klickers". As the company states: This product is a

They are the fashionable alternative to standard USB drives and are perfect for teens to use to save their important documents. The colorful handheld devices have fun faces and crazy hair that make them easy to find in the depths of kid’s backpacks. The drives are available in 2GB capacities for $14.99.
Upon receiving the USB, I immediately noticed the similarity of the Kooky Klicker as Diva-J had been given one of these in the past and she loved it (mostly because it was pink and had crazy hair). The USB that they sent me coincidentally also was pink and had crazy hair on the top. I could see immediately that the company was right in saying that this USB would not easily get lost.

EMTEC states that:

Each Kooky Klicker collectible pen is uniquely named and numbered, and collections are released in limited edition “Krews.” With millions of Kooky Klickers sold since they hit the market in 2002, the Kooky Klickers were recently recognized as one of the “Ten Hottest Toys at Retail” by industry trade publication Toy Book. Kooky USB Drives, which share the unique personalities that has made this brand so popular, are an ideal storage solution for stylish technology users. Kooky USB Drives are currently available at over 1,200 Office Depot retail locations throughout the United States.

In trying out the Kooky, I found it very easy to use and though Diva-J (my eldest) is not yet old enough to have a need for one of these, I showed it to her none-the-less and as before, she thought it was funny as well as cool. She also asked if she could keep it. I explained to her that we would save it for her for a little while until she was a bit older and needed such an item. Knowing the Diva that she is, the company did a good job in sending the Kooky that they did.

I will also put in a plug here for the fun nature of the product. I think these USB's are just the thing that one needs on a bad day to turn the frown upside down (as we sometimes say to the Divas). The zaney, wacky nature of the characters, bring a smile to one's face whenever you see it.

I would completely recommend the kooky for all of you out there who have school age kids who are starting to need to save pictures, documents or the like. With the 2 GB capacity on the Kooky it will not get filled up too quickly and should not get lost in the milieu of materials that pile up in their backpacks as well, as this thing truly stands out.

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