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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Book Review - Daily Zen Doodles

Daily Zen Doodles
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About the Book

With hand illustrated prompts and thoughtful quotes, Daily Zen Doodles will inspire you to lose yourself in the contemplative act of drawing. Each page is an invitation to sketch, relax, focus and reach toward inner peace.

My Take on the Book
I found this book to be quite interesting. Meera Lee Patel knows how difficult it is in our world to find 15 - 20 minutes to relax, calm ourselves, and meditate. Her book is a way to focus on just yourself and to find a place of peace, inspiration, and relaxation. Each page has a verse. The verses were created by such people as Buddha, Walt Whitman, Leo Tolstoy, and many more. 

Each page has an incomplete drawing or just a line shape and the author asks the reader to use the quiet time to create something. It does not have to resemble anything. It can be just completely creative, but the act of doodling should be one to relax you. 

Since there are 365 pages of verses and doodles to use, the reader could use one a day for a year. Why not see where this book takes you in a quest for some relaxation and meditation.

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