Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management

Friday, October 17, 2014

Book Review - Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management

Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management

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About the Book
Improve student enrollment outcomes and meet institutional goals through the effective management of student enrollments.

Published with the American Association for Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), the Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management is the comprehensive text on the policies, strategies, practices that shape postsecondary enrollments. This volume combines relevant theories and research, with applied chapters on the management of offices such as admissions, financial aid, and the registrar to provide a comprehensive guide to the complex world of Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM). SEM focuses on achieving enrollment goals, and sustaining institutional revenue and serving the needs of students. It provides insights into the ways SEM is practiced across four-year institutions, community colleges, and professional schools.

More than just an enhanced approach to admissions and financial aid, SEM examines the student's entire educational cycle. From entry through graduation, this volume helps SEM professionals and graduate students interested in enrollment management to anticipate change and balancing the goals of revenue, access, diversity, and prestige. The Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management:
  • Provides an overview of the thinking of leading practitioners that comprise SEM organizations, including marketing, recruitment, and admissions; tuition pricing; financial aid; the registrar's role, academic advising; and, retention
  • Includes up-to-date research on current issues in SEM including college choice, financial aid, student persistence, and the effective use of technology
  • Guides readers creating strategic enrollment organizations that fit the unique history, culture, and policy context of your campus

Strategic enrollment management has become one of the most important administrative areas in postsecondary education, and it is being adopted in countries around the globe. The Handbook of Strategic Enrollment Management is for anyone in enrollment management, admissions, financial aid, registration and records, orientation, marketing, and institutional research who wish to enhance the health and vitality of his or her institution. It is also an excellent text for graduate programs in higher education and student affairs.

My Take on the Book
This was an amazingly complete book that looks at all aspects of Enrollment Management! Being that I work in this area, and you hear about this topic throughout our industry, this book is a must have in today's fluctuating college market. This book is written for anyone who is working to be strategic in regards to their enrollment goals and plans and who want to reconsider or revitalize their plans for their own institution. The book is thorough and very expansive. With close to 600 pages of information and resources, individuals that actually take the time to examine and think deeply about what is being shared here will truly gain valuable insight that can tremendously assist them and their campuses as they move into the future. This book is a book that I feel all will find useful, whether your main goal is enrollment or retention or not. The book opens your eyes to issues that are so important in higher education today and should be considered by all, regardless of their role at the institution!

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