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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Review - Bramble and Maggie Spooky Season

Bramble and Maggie Spooky Season
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About the Book
Bramble, a persnickety but lovable horse, and Maggie, her patient owner, build an even stronger friendship as they brave the surprises of autumn.

In their third adventure, Bramble and Maggie explore a new season together — fall! Leaves crunch underfoot. Acorns ping off rooftops. It all makes Bramble feel wonderfully spooky. But Bramble’s frisky-pretend-scary gait makes Maggie jumpy, and soon Bramble really is nervous. There are alarming new sights and sounds everywhere, like Mr. Dingle’s scarecrow. When Maggie takes a fall, will she want to get back in the saddle? And when Halloween comes, can Maggie trust Bramble to brave the tricks and lead them both safely to the treats?

About the Author
Jessie Haas has always loved horses and has written more than thirty books, most of them about horses, including the first two books about Bramble and Maggie. She says, "Horses love pretending to be scared, just like us, and fall is the perfect season for that. Why do they call it fall?" Jessie Haas lives in Vermont with her husband, writer Michael J. Daley; her horse; two cats; a dog; and a hen.

Alison Friend is the illustrator of the first two Bramble and Maggie stories and several other children’s books, including Scrawny Cat by Phyllis Root and What Color Is Caesar? by Maxine Kumin. Alison Friend lives in England.

My Take on the Book
Jessie Haas has written a nice short chapter book about a little girl named Maggie and her horse Bramble. The story takes place during Halloween. Bramble is learning about Halloween and everything is new and frightening to him. Maggie had to have patience to help him through his fears about the sights and sounds of Halloween. If you have a young child and Halloween might be scary for him/her, this story could facilitate a discussion about the sights and sounds of Halloween which could be disturbing to a young child.

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