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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Book Review - The Power of Tao

The Power of Tao

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About the Book
For over 2,500 years, Lao Tzu's philosophy of Tao has helped hundreds of millions of people attain equanimity and sustain happiness.

The Power of Tao illuminates the central teachings of Lao Tzu, applying them to everyday matters facing us all in the areas of health and well-being, love and marriage, creativity and career, personal achievement and purpose. Every chapter is replete with illustrative case studies, revealing how emperors, artists, athletes, and ordinary citizens alike have accessed the power of Tao.

Taoist wisdom can restore balance in precarious human relationships, promote calm when coping with illness and mortality, and empower us to be better citizens and wiser leaders. Harmonizing nature and nurture, Tao teaches us to attain our true potential, and avoid envy, greed, and anger. Beyond transforming individual lives, Tao holds out the promise of a new golden age of prosperity, peace, and cultural advancement.

Americans among other Westerners have sustained growing fascination with Tao (and its sister philosophy, Buddhism) for several decades, embracing the Way not only for its inherent beauty andpower, but also to its holistic practices, as spiritual remedies for culturally-induced epidemics that are sweeping Western and Westernized cultures. The Power of Tao is a timely and timeless resource written for anyone seeking happiness, harmony and more.

My Take on the Book
This book will make you think, ponder and reconsider the path that you are on. The book is centered around the path of Lao Tzu and while I had never read these teachings before, I enjoyed them and saw how they could lead you toward a re-awakening of your soul.  The teachings, while ancient, seem to still hold relevance today which makes the book even more powerful. As a parent, the world around me tends to get hectic, busy and full and I am always looking for ways to slow down, sit back and find more balance in my life. This book shares some great ideas and resources to help you do just this. While the path is not easy, it is definitely worth it!

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