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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Review - Clean Eating Freezer Meals

Clean Eating Freezer Meals

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About the Book
The busier life is, the harder it is to eat healthy. Using your freezer-and a little creative planning-you can eat well and save time. Clean eating is eating foods without any added chemicals or applied processes. These easy-to-assemble dishes help you and your family reap the benefits of naturally healthy foods. Entrees, soups, snacks, desserts, and more are perfect for sit-down meals, quick bites, or on-the-go meals. Included are freezing techniques, shopping and budget tips, and detailed nutritional information.

My Take on the Book
The introduction explains very well the history of the term clean eating It was something our grandparents took for granted and that is how they lived. With our convenience foods , packaged foods, and fast foods that has all changed. Now we have terms like "fat free", "low fat", "gluten free", "dairy free", etc . in our grocery stores.

So Tiffany's book has recipes that assist the reader to make healthy foods that can be frozen and once they are thawed will remain delicious. She has included sections on breakfast, casseroles, skillet and grill, slow cooker meals, soups, stews , and chilis, and desserts and sauces.

I read through all the recipes and there were many delicious choices. Most used ingredients that are easily located in your grocery stores.

I decided to prepare the EASY ITALIAN WEDDING SOUP which is a favorite of mine to prepare.
Each recipe has a photograph of the finished product and there is a short introduction by the author to the recipe. You will find the ingredients and step by step directions that are written well for the reader. On the side are nutrition facts like calories, fat, cholesterol , carbohydrates, sugar, fiber , and protein. 

The soup was very easy to make and came together quickly. I ate the soup for lunch on the day I made it and it was truly delicious. Now I will freeze the rest to enjoy in the near future.
I plan to try several more recipes. 

I am sure you will find this cookbook written well and the selections will give any family or individual many delicious choices. Buon Appetito!

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