Dad of Divas' Reviews: Silicon Power's Jewel J80 Offers a Unique and Awarding Design with USB 3.0

Friday, October 31, 2014

Silicon Power's Jewel J80 Offers a Unique and Awarding Design with USB 3.0

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About the Flash Drive
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface Jewel J80 USB flash drive employs the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface that enables the blazing-fast data transferring ability to meet the demands for high speed and real efficiency. Jewel J80 also accomplishes a much easier mobile tech-life with great capacities up to 64GB, with which users can take large files including HD videos, high-resolution photos and great numbers of documents with them.

Modern Style & Metallic Casing
Jewel J80 stands out by its artistic expression of post-modern concept with the ring-shaped unibody exterior, glamorous zinc alloy casing and elegant color of titanium. Furthermore, Jewel J80 features the sandblasting treatment that can deliver the delicate touch and also provide superior resistance to scratches and fingerprints from daily usage.

Ergonomic circular shape design
The ergonomic circular shape design on the end of the drive allows an easier and more comfortable way to use and grasp; additionally, it can be perfectly fitted on a keychain that fixes the problem of storing a drive.

COB (Chip On Board) technology
Jewel J80 offers complete data protections against water, dust and vibration by applying the COB (Chip On Board) technology, which is able to keep the golden finger away from damages caused by outer forces.

My Take on the Flash Drive
This flash drive as such a unique design. I loved the fact that it is made to last and durable and is safer than iters when it comes to water damage that can occur. The product itself is designed for portability as well as for easy insertion into any computer. The circular end allows for easy removal too and seems to make it so that you will not get as much of a problem with torquing the flash drive and potentially cracking some of the housing making the flash drive inoperable. That being said I have had a lot of very great comments on this thus far. I also have found that the drive is fast and reliable and that I have had nothing but positive results in using this to date. I am very impressed with how well this works, it's style and functionality and think you will be too!

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