Dad of Divas' Reviews: The Zoom Loom Is Great For Tweens!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Zoom Loom Is Great For Tweens!

Zoom Loom

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About the Zoom Loom
Schact has taken a simple design and transformed it into an efficient and comfortable little loom. If you've ever woven on a pin loom, you'll love our new and improved model. Small and compact, the Zoom Loom is easy to take with you. Weave anywhere, any time.

Zoom Loom

  • The sloping interior edge guides your weaving needle.
  • Graceful extended sides are easy to hold.
  • Molded-in instructions on the front and back are always there when you need them.
  • A handy slot holds the starting yarn without knotting.
  • Made in Boulder, Colorado!

Zoom Loom

The Zoom Loom comes in an attractive carrying case. A 6" weaving needle and a 3" yarn needle are included, as well as a full-color instruction book with three projects. An instructional video is available

My Take on the Zoom Loom
This kit is for those within the ages of 10-100. It is a 4 by 4 sturdy plastic hand held loom, with a 6 inch weaving needle and a 3 inch sewing needle. The kit included directions with illustrations and step by step written directions. The booklet of directions included three patterns: a scarf, a placemat, and a reader case.

Before I used it with my nine year old, I used the directions and yarn I had at home, to weave the loom. The illustrations were essential to understand the written directions. As I wove I found that if I did not use a finger to hold down the yarn each time I made a curve, then the yarn would slip. This was not in the directions but something to be aware of as you wrap the loom.

My daughter then began the weaving. Because we used two different colors of yarn she was able to see if she made an error in her weaving pattern. She finished one square easily.

So in preparing the loom again for weaving a second square, I allowed her to look at the illustrations and we went through the step by step directions together.

She was able to accomplish this with a little help.

I feel, because she has learned other crafts that the loom and directions were maybe easier for her to handle.

This is a great activity to take on a trip as it is easy to carry and the materials are simple. I think it would make a nice gift for someone who enjoys crafts.

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