Dad of Divas' Reviews: The Bouqs Offers Beautiful Flowers Anytime Of The Year! #Bouqlove

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Bouqs Offers Beautiful Flowers Anytime Of The Year! #Bouqlove

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When you are in a relationship, whether it is marriage, or something else you want to keep it fresh and fun and for many that means flowers. Now you can get your old run of the mill flowers or you can go above and beyond to get flowers that have some WOW factor. For me, just recently I had the chance to check out a new company called The Bouqs. This company is set up to provide amazing blooms right to your door, some from the United States, but many from much more exotic locations.

I ended up trying out some of the flowers from their volcano collection. Why did I choose them? Well, first, they were colors I knew that J-Mom would love, and second, they looked beautiful. The website offers you three sizes to choose from. I got the smallest to at least try it out, even though the website recommended the second size. In receiving my wife's bouquet I think next time I will spend the extra money to go to the second size as they say you get double the blooms!

The website was super easy to use and you can select dates that work for you in regards to delivery. I will warn you that for the more exotic bouquets, you have to order early as it is not next day delivery, as they are being shipped from quite a ways away, but what you get is exquisite.

The bouquet that we received (The flowers you see at the top of the post) was beautiful and was something that I know J-Mom loved. The bouquet we got has blooms that open slowly, so I know we will be enjoying this for sometime to come.

Another unique thing that this company provides is a monthly delivery service that you can set up so that your special person gets flowers every month or whatever increment of time that you would like to identify - cool idea!

If you have never checked out this company you should. Click here to see some of their amazing bouquets!

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