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Friday, June 20, 2014

Book Review - The Exploring Leadership Facilitator Set

The Exploring Leadership Facilitator Set

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The Exploring Leadership Facilitator Set

About the Book
This third edition is a thoroughly revised and updated version of the bestselling text for undergraduate leadership courses. This book is designed for college students to help them understand that they are capable of being effective leaders and guide them in developing their leadership potential. The Relational Leadership Model (RLM) continues as the major focus in this edition, and the book includes stronger connections between the RLM dimensions and related concepts, as well as visual applications of the model. The third edition includes new student vignettes that demonstrate how the major concepts and theories can be applied. It also contains new material on social justice, conflict management, positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, and new self-assessment and reflection questionnaires.

For those focused on the practice of leadership development, the third edition is part of a complete set that includes a Student Workbook, a Facilitation and Activity Guide for educators, and free downloadable instructional PowerPoint slides. The Workbook is a student-focused companion to the book and the Facilitation and Activity Guide is designed for use by program leaders and educators.

PLUS! Each copy of Exploring Leadership, Third Edition comes with an access code so students can take the Clifton StrengthsFinder, a 30-minute online assessment which has helped more than eight million people around the world discover their talents. After they take the self-assessment, they'll receive a customized report that lists their top five talent themes, along with action items for development and suggestions about how they can use their talents to achieve academic, career, and personal success. In the book, the authors discuss the importance of understanding oneself, and how using the StrengthsFinder assessment will help one do so. (E-book customers must prove they have purchased the book to obtain their StrengthsFinder access code from Wiley Customer Service.)

The Exploring Leadership Facilitator Set

Exploring Leadership Book Workbook
Get the most out of Exploring Leadership.

This workbook offers students an avenue for deeply applying the content of Exploring Leadership, Third Edition in their efforts to develop their leadership skills. Aligned with the Facilitation and Activity Guide, it includes guided activities, discussion questions, journal prompts, and space for reflective writing.
The Exploring Leadership Facilitator Set

Exploring Leadership Facilitation Book
Teach Leadership Well

This guide provides facilitation modules for the topics in Exploring Leadership, Third Edi­tion, chapter by chap­ter. It includes the best lesson plans and activities from practicing leadership educators who have used Exploring Leadership for years, as well as sample syllabi for using the book as a text and shaping a weekly schedule around the assigned chapters, or using the content in cocurricular activities, such as retreats and workshops.

My Take on the Book
I work with College students on a daily basis and am always looking for ways to incorporate leadership development into my interactions, both in formal and informal ways. That being said I have to say that I was impressed with the format of the main book as it was easy to read and for a student, the references were practical and steeped in experiences that that will relate to. The book is filled with great resources and advice as well as exercises that could be easily replicated anywhere. What I loved about this set as an educator is that you get everything at once. Not only do you get the book I was mentioning, but you also get the workbook and facilitation guide which have been invaluable tools that have really redefined how I am now thinking about approaching leadership with my student. The syllabus in the facilitation guide was great and easily manipulated into any educational environment. This set is worth the price and is definitely something that I would highly recommend!

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