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Monday, June 16, 2014

Book Review - Fairy Tale Moments: Poster A Page Book

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About the Book
Just as little girls like to dress up and imagine themselves twirling around ballrooms as their favorite Disney princesses, they will relish the chance to create the worlds of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, Mulan, Tiana, Aurora, Jasmine, Merida and Pocahontas in their very own home. Each princess receives the royal treatment in this must-have collectible. Girls can revel in their gowns, their gracious surroundings, the key moments in each storyline, and every happy ending. Each of 9 gorgeous posters can function as room d├ęcor, signage, or background to a little girl's princess fantasy life.
My Take on the Book
If you have a young girl in your life who enjoys princess movies, books, dressing up and pretending to be a princess, then I believe this could be a book your young child will enjoy. The large book tells about each princess in details about their personality. For example: Rapunzel likes to paint and sing.

She's artistic, curious, and courageous. Rapunzel follows her dreams and keeps her promises.

As the pages continue to describe each princess , there are 9 separate posters to carefully tear out. Some will need to be colored by your child, but some have the color and are ready to hang in a room.

The pages are colorful and each smaller page could actually be a small poster of its own too.

This book covers all of the Disney princesses. I believe your young girl will delight in the pages, pictures, activities and possibly sharing with a friend of theirs too.

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