Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Mariella Mystery Investigates: A Cupcake Conundrum

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review - Mariella Mystery Investigates: A Cupcake Conundrum

Mariella Mystery Investigates: A Cupcake Conundrum
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About the Book
She's smart as a whip, super sleuth-y, and able to solve most mysterious mysteries and perplexing problems in no time flat. Mariella Mystery (age nine and a bit) knows that all good detectives write down important information about their investigations. In this top-secret journal she tackles the case of who is trying to sabotage the Puddleford baking contest with important clues and observations, helpful drawings, and handy tips for new detectives. Early readers will be hooked on this mystery chapter book from page one!

My Take on the Book
Another great Mariella Mystery story. As in the first book from this series that my daughter read she loved the unique formatting of the book, but even better was the humor and lively banter of the characters that you find in this and other Mariella Mystery stories. The book was a quick read and my daughter got through the book in a single sitting (she loves to read). All-in-all this is a great mystery that incorporates humor and fun throughout the book!

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