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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Game Review - Kindness Kingdom

Kindness Kingdom
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About the Game
For generations, mothers have been teaching their children to say "please" and "thank you" but these days it takes a campaign of "random acts of kindness" to give most people a nudge to be more thoughtful. Indeed, one needs only to turn on a TV to any show with “Real Housewives of” in the title to see plenty of reinforcement of rude and offensive behavior. While kids may not be watching these reality shows directly; I think you’d be surprised what trickles down and seeps through the cracks into a child’s psyche.

Kindness Kingdom
That’s why it’s so refreshing that today’s parents can welcome Queen Grace into their homes. As ruler of Kindness Kingdom, a make-believe board game full of charm, niceties and good manners, random acts of kindness can become the norm as young ladies travel to an afternoon tea party as thoughtful social skills are bestowed. Kindness Kingdom is a fun new board game that helps kids learn good manners in a neat way. Jessica Marventano, who is certified to teach manners and universal rules of etiquette to young children and teens by the International School of Protocol, came up with the idea for Kindness Kingdom. Jessica teamed up with two other businesswomen to form Marvelously Well-Mannered, the parent company of the Kindness Kingdom board game that’s all about teaching children social and emotional skills to help them earn better grades and be better citizens.
Kindness Kingdom

Kindness Kingdom is the first board game from parent company Marvelously Well-Mannered; aimed at teaching young girls useful tips as they wander through the gemmed game path on the way to Queen Grace’s tea party. Proudly made in the USA, the board game is ideal for 2 to 4 players, for ages 5 and up. Not only do children develop social and emotional skills but thoughtfulness toward others. Once a winner is determined, players are requested to cheer on the remaining players until all youngsters reach the finish line, arriving at Queen Grace's marvelous tea party. Subtle illustrations such as a princess seated in a wheelchair reinforce empathy, a much-needed skill for kids to combat teasing or worse, bullying. The company’s website offers general etiquette tips for children (it’s under construction right now but will be up soon and will be a great resource for manners questions and answers, soon!)

Kindness Kingdom

My Take on the Book
This was a board game unlike any other I have tried. Not only does it entertain, but it educates as well. On top of this, what it is teaching is something that as a parent you want your children to learn. I mean who wouldn't want your child to have good manners - I know I do! The game board in this was so colorful and the gameplay was fun and engaging! I liked the characters and the diversity that they embodied. I also loved the fact that both of my girls could play this without any problems. With both a nine and five year-old I am always happy when I can find a game that my girls will enjoy together, and not leave one or the other out from the fun. The questions in the game were fun and engaging and make players really think about the scenarios that are being shared.

While I have girls, I think that boys could also learn from this game too. I also have to say that as an adult this was a great game to remind me of some of the manners-niceties that I may have forgotten over the years - so kudos to Marvelously Well Mannered for putting together a game that at least in my home has been played a few times straight (and that was only on one night)! I know we will have many manner-filled evenings to come of game-playing fun in our future and so can you and your family!

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