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Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Review - Law School Lowdown

Law School Lowdown: Secrets of Success from the Application Process to Landing the First Job
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About the Book
If you're a law school student, or if you're planning to apply to law school, you'll find the practical guidance you'll need for success--plus tips on pitfalls to avoid--when you open this important new book. Written by a recent Harvard Law School graduate who is currently associated with major Wall Street law firm, this brand-new blueprint for legal accomplishment gets down to specifics with--

  • The law school application process and tips on taking the important Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • Selecting a law school, applying for scholarships, and deciding between top-ranked and lower-ranked schools
  • Making the grade during that vital first year at law school
  • The best courses to take in second and third years
  • The advantages of publishing papers while in law school
  • Seeking out summer positions at law firms
  • Taking and passing state bar exams
  • Finding employment at a law firm after graduation
  • Other post-law school options, including judicial clerkships

Valuable appendices give you still more advice, and include a completed model law school application form, effective résumés, a model brief of a case for class, and much more. Written by a successful attorney and based on his own law school experiences, Law School Lowdown zeroes-in on both the rigors and satisfactions that comprise the law school experience, offering the advice and counsel that will pave your way to a successful career in law.

About the Author
Ian E. Scott, Esq. is a graduate of Harvard Law School, a lawyer licensed in New York and New Jersey, and worked at a top-10 Wall Street law firm. He received a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, where he was a Primary Editor on the Harvard Human Rights Journal. He has published in articles in several law journals.

My Take on the Book
As someone who works as an administrator at a law school how always looking for new guides that will help our students make the transition to law school in general. There are numerous books on the market that purport to do this, but many lack in various ways some of the fundamental things that I am speaking with prospective students about all the time.

This book has many valuable resources held within, and provides the prospective law student a clear perspective of not only what they need to do to get accepted, but even more important what they need to do to be successful in law school.

When working with prospective students I am continually running up against individuals who are fearful about this new transition in their life. No matter if they are a high achieving student or student who struggled in the past, most go through many the same developmental stages in this transition.

This book lays out systematically in the first chapter what someone must do to be accepted to law school and then in chapters 2 through 10 lays out how the student can be successful in preparing themselves to take the most out of law school and to prepare for passing the bar examination and to be gainfully employed afterwards.

I felt the book was easy to read and spoke directly to the reader. I liked many of the practical components within the book with small sections set aside for tips, but also sample resumes and reference letters as well as practical information and that all students should know as they are going to law school themselves.

All-in-all this was a great book that shared so much with both prospective and current law students and I would highly recommend it to all.

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