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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Review - Daddy Lost His Job

Daddy Lost His Job
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About the Book
Barron's brand new Life Lessons series uses cheerful illustrations and down-to-earth language to tackle some of life's more challenging issues from a kid's perspective. Whether it's learning the value of hard work, acknowledging that effort impacts educational success, or overcoming adversity, this series encourages and promotes a sense of individual responsibility, while inspiring hope in kids. Daddy Lost His Job teaches kids that overcoming hard times is easier as a family.

My Take on the Book
Especially as we have gone through the recession there have been many fathers (and mothers) that I know who have lost their jobs. This book addresses this in a kind and thoughtful way. I enjoyed the message and thought that the author did a great job at talking about a sensitive topic in a way that a young reader could understand. The illustrations were great and the message was very important. For any young person who has been touched by job loss in their family, this book will really help them to understand what they are dealing with. On top of this, even if a child has not dealt with this, the message is still strong and helps them to empathize with what pther families are dealing with in this time and age.

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