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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review - Walmart for President!: An Essay

Walmart for President!: An Essay
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About the Book
The Walmart management team is among the best in the world. Why not give them a crack at running the business operations of the U.S. government for a while?

A Note for Readers - The content and theme of this essay is purposely quite similar to that in the author's previous book Apple for President! which is also available on Amazon. This version, however, has been customized to reflect Walmart's unique qualifications and readiness as the proposed candidate for running the operations of the executive branch, rather than Apple. Most elections offer at least two candidates, and each of us usually views one as more qualified than the other. These essays offer an opportunity to compare two highly qualified but very different candidates.

Although the title Walmart for President! is, I hope, somewhat provocative, the subject matter is serious. As citizens, we can no longer stand around passively hoping that a new economic platform will somehow spontaneously take shape and raise us out of our economic difficulties. Our government's unapologetic addiction to borrowing and the pervasive financial challenges of many of our citizens are two clear indicators of the magnitude of the challenge.

Our current form of government--operating under the same structure first adopted when our Constitution was ratified in 1788--has not kept up with the complexity and pace of our times. Consequently, no individual president--no matter how brilliant or gifted with leadership and other skills--can show the way forward in the creation of a new economic platform. We need a flexible democracy to meet the challenges of the times.

Creating a shift of the magnitude now required will necessitate applying the best of our political leadership and the best of our private sector acumen and brilliance--all in the service of reengineering our government and economy. Walmart for President! is an idea whose time has come.

My Take on the Book
This was a short essay that truly makes you thing about the differences between public and private sectors and why we do not take some of the greatest financial assets of the private sector into the debt equations and issues that our nation is and will be dealing with for the foreseeable future.

I for one have been wondering this for some time, so was glad to be able to read this and take in another's opinion. The author does a great job at laying out his points about how the Walmart model could tremendously change the way in which we run things (for the better).

The book is a quick read and is definitely one that I encourage all Americans to read as it may change your mind about the way in which our country is led (or at least should be led).

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