Dad of Divas' Reviews: Bendastix Lets Kids Create Amazing Things!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bendastix Lets Kids Create Amazing Things!

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About the Product
So-called ‘imaginative’ construction toys all seem to lock you into one of two scenarios. Either you’re stacking blocks or bricks at 900 intervals to build a towering skyscraper or snapping together long sticks with joint pieces to create a bridge. But it’s 2013, where is the innovation! It’s at the offices of Fibre-Craft and their new creation that’s ½ arts & crafts and ½ construction toy, but 100% fun: BENDASTIX™ (this link will be live after 6/28 on this brand new product).

With BENDASTIX™, soft and squishy craft pieces replace rigid cardboard or wood that can bend, mold and shape (but never ever break). Fibre-Craft will offer these craft pieces in enticing kits that will allow little ones to build cars, flowers, and kooky glasses – anything the imagination can dream up! The pieces are patterned with zig-zags, polka dots and other crazy patterns to give each creation a one-of-a-kind pop art look. Just check out some of the example creations on their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Designed for children ages 6 and up, Fibre-Craft's BENDASTIX™ will make its debut with eight arts and crafts kits priced affordably from $6.99 to $19.99 starting in July 2013. To purchase before they are available at retail stores, consumers can buy at

My Take on the Product
Fibre Craft has produced a box of reusable and bendable stix made of plastic. Also included are circles,rings, connectors, stickers, and more. The pieces are designed colorfully and the stix come in three sizes. This box of endless creativity was a perfect activity for my two girls for a rainy day.

The box included an instruction/inspiration booklet which the girls used initially for ideas. It was not long before their own creativity took over. They made bracelets, rings , decorated a headband and pencils, made personal glasses, created a "unusual person/creature ", and more. The stickers were helpful to use when decorating the person, snake, and other creatures the girls developed.

Fibre Craft's box of craft materials will be thoroughly enjoyed by your child. There are hours of entertainment in this activity center. It would surely be a welcomed gift.

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