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Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Review - Tippy and the Runaway Cloud

Tippy and the Runaway Cloud
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About the Book
This story is about Tippy's quest to find Puffy Cloud. The corn plants are drooping, and they need Puffy Cloud to water them. Join Tippy and Misty, his loyal cloud pony, to help find Puffy Cloud.

About the Author
Theodora Klein-Carroll was born in North Dakota and enjoyed being raised on her family's farm. She completed high school in North Dakota and later graduated from University of Tampa, Florida with a degree in business management. Theodora presently resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband and eight pets; Gator, Tabatha, Byblos, Frangelica, Boo Bear, Tigger, Vivian and Emily. Having an adoration for children and animals, Theodora has always aspired to channel her creativity into early childhood education and entertainment. With her Tippy the Raindrop books Theodora has brought her imagination to life.

My Take on the Book
At some point in school, children usually learn about the water cycle and how important rain is to our Earth.In this story, Tippy, the raindrop, uses his problem solving skills to bring rain to the crops.

Tippy shows determination in his quest to find Puffy the Cloud. Tippy and Puffy illustrate cooperation and friendship as they solve the problems of returning to field to provide the crops with the water/rain they need.

This story could initiate a discussion with your child about the water cycle and its importance. You could also use the story to show how perseverance, friendship, and determination are important life long skills.

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