Dad of Divas' Reviews: Oxy Helps You Get Back To School!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Oxy Helps You Get Back To School!

OXY® Maximum Action Sensitive Advanced Face Wash
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Although we’re in full-on summer mode right now, the new school year is just around the corner. And as anticipation – and nerves – rise for that all-important first day, the last thing any teen wants to worry about is acne. OXY will help students put their best face forward and avoid those back-to-school “Zituations” with new products and formulations that are just as “must have” as this season’s trendy new head phones, cool cell phone cases and patterned backpacks.

The new OXY® Maximum Action Sensitive Advanced Face Wash is specially formulated for those with sensitive skin. It contains lower levels of Benzoyl Peroxide to minimize irritation, but it still effectively kills acne bacteria and is a go-to choice for an “active” breakout. Students that cleanse their face with this new formulation can feel confident facing their crushes for the first time in the hall and can look their best come school picture day.

OXY® Maximum Action Sensitive Advanced Face Wash
For the busy student who’s always on the go, OXY® Daily Defense Cleansing Pads are the perfect backpack accessory. Blackheads are caused by blocked pores and the accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells. These OXY® pads contain Salicylic Acid to cleanse the skin and remove pore-clogging dirt, oil and bacteria. Daily use of Salicylic Acid helps keep pores clear and prevents blackheads from forming. With this accessible product, students can control their breakouts outside of the home by simply swiping the face with a disposable pad in between classes or after soccer practice.

OXY® has been helping students tackle unwanted breakouts for over the 30 years. With new and improved products and formulations introduced this year that are among the most highly effective on the market, now more than ever OXY® has them covered.

My Take on the Product
When I saw number name Oxy come across my email my mind went back in time to my days in high school when my skin was much oilier than it is now and they needed the daily assistance to clean my pores. I've come to find that as I get older my skin does get a bit oilier than it has been and I need to wash my face more frequently to get the clean feeling as well as to know that my pores are cleaned up as well. Thus, I was excited to be able to try this again and relive some of my high school days. In trying to psyche to find that it still works quite well and even though it is mostly branded for teenagers or young adults, I still found this to be quite effective in keeping my skin clean and drying out my pores. I was impressed with how well the product worked and would highly recommend it to all, whether you are a teenager or older.

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