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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toy Review - Spy Gear - Spike Mic Launcher

Spy Gear - Spike Mic Launcher
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About the Product
Get the latest in high-tech Spy Gear! The Spike Mic Launcher is a remote listening device delivering super spy audio surveillance. The Spike Mic dart has a built in microphone with two unique interchangeable tips: Sticky Dart and Suction Cup. Just fire, stick, and listen. With a live audio feed you’ll remain undetected as you hear conversations happening in far away locations. Plug in using the headphone jack (headphones sold separately) for stealth listening. Launch it or stick it to a wall as you gear up with the Spy Gear Spike Mic Launcher!

Spy Gear - Spike Mic Launcher

  • The Spike Mic Launcher fires a remote listening device containing a built-in microphone.
  • Launch the multi-surface dart, stick it to the wall, and listen to the live audio feed from a safe distance!
  • The built-in microphone transmits a live audio feed back to the Spike Mic Launcher.
  • The Spike Mic Launcher is made for Secret Agents ages 10+ and requires 4 AAA batteries for operation.
  • Includes: 1 Spike Mic, 1 Multisurface Dart Tip, 1 Suction Cup Dart Tip, 1 Instruction Guide

My Take on the Product
This is a cool new spy gear toy that any young child that enjoys being devious or enjoys spying on mom and dad or on a sister or brother or friend will love. The toy itself was easy enough to put together and I found that in only a few steps you could have the toy ready to go. The base does run on batteries, so I would recommend using lithium AAA batteries for longer life. The idea of the toy is that you shoot the red tip suction cup that attaches to the microphone against a flat service and this will then send out audio from that area so you can spy on the area. The microphone works well, but a warning, do not get too close with the base as you will get feedback and thus your spying advantage will be lost.

I found that the suction cup seems to work best on flat surfaces as in trying it on the ceiling (that had some popcorn effect) seemed to not hold very well, but on a wall I had no problem. I noticed that after a few times of shooting this that I had to clean off the tip of the suction cup with water  not a big deal, just something that had to be done.

All-in-all I had a blast trying this out, and you will too!

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