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Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Review - Voices of Pearl Harbor

Voices of Pearl Harbor
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About the Book
December 7, 1941-the day a sleeping giant awoke. Japan's surprise attack devastated the American Naval Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and forced the Americans into WWII. These moving accounts of the lives affected by the assault capture the scope of the day's emotions and repercussions. Viewpoints of both historical and imagined characters include the mother of a Japanese pilot, officials from both countries, and the grandchild of a WWII veteran. Powerful illustrations accompany every tale.

About the Author
Sherry Garland is the award-winning author of thirty books for children, teenagers and adults. Several of her books focus on the Vietnamese culture due to her close friendships with Vietnamese families. As a fifth generation Texan, she also sets many of her books in the Lone Star State. She especially likes to write historical works. For more information, visit her website:

My Take on the Book
This was a very emotional story but one that brought such knowledge and personal story to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

When I read this story I felt this was not a story very young children will be able to understand, however I see older children with the historical background using this story in a more beneficial way.

Sherry Garland certainly must have done her research in order to create this story. As an adult, it gave me facts and a better understanding of the events and people involved. Pearl Harbor was a complex event in our history and the history of the world. Sherry did a wonderful job bringing the story to this book form.

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