Dad of Divas' Reviews: RingStix (@ringstix) Are Fun For All Ages

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

RingStix (@ringstix) Are Fun For All Ages

Ring Stix
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About the Product
RingStix is a fast and easily learned outdoor activity for ages 6 and up and will get the whole family up and moving. Play RingStix with two players, in a group or solo. It has become the new favorite at gatherings, reunions, vacations, etc. You can play at the beach, it floats or at the park when it’s windy. We left it up to the children’s imagination to create the games and they come up with tricks in a short time. RingStix is unique in that you can be as active as you please - run around and play long distances up to 30 yards or leisurely in short distances and have a conversation as you play. RingStix is even being used in PE classes. This interactive toy, which uses sticks to quickly catch and launch the ring, is simple enough for anyone to learn, yet intriguing enough for all ages to enjoy.

Ring Stix

Each player holds two sticks which he uses to propel the ring spinning forward toward the other player. That player then uses the end of one or both of the sticks to catch the flying ring. This repeats back and forth while spinning, leaping and laughing. Families can invent their own way of playing, keep score and do tricks - it’s a new toy every time! Even dogs have fun and love to chase and retrieve the rings!

Ring Stix

Each set comes with four sticks (two for each player) and one red ring – A FULL SET FOR TWO PLAYERS, all at a great price of $14.99

Our goal is to promote healthy exercise that also builds hand-eye coordination while having a blast! What makes RingStix unique is that it strives to capture in all of us our innate creativity and playfulness.

Overall: RingStix the winner of 9 toy awards, brings generations together, easy to learn, fun and creative, gets you moving as you socially interact. This is the outdoor toy that has a lot going for it.

My Take on the Product
I am always looking for fun ways to get outside and have my kids (and their friends) having fun. RingStix does just that! Though the game says it is for ages 6 and up I can tell you that my youngest (seen above) and a neighbor friend had a blast playing together with these. Yes, it may not be exactly the same rules that I would play, but they still had a blast as you can see.

I tried the game too and have to say that it is a ton of fun. It does take some effort to get used to flinging and catching the ring, but once I figured it out, I seemed to get better and better with each time that I tried it!

The materials themselves worked great and are quite durable. I also love how portable the game it. YOu simply need to have some space to be able to fling the ring and you are on yur way.

All-in-all we had a blast with this and you and your family will too!

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