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Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Review - Bobbo Goes to School

Bobbo Goes to School
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About the Book
Lily fears she has lost her favorite stuffed toy forever in Shirley Hughes’s wonderfully reassuring follow-up to Don’t Want to Go!

It starts out as a regular trip to the store with Mom, but then Lily does a dreadful thing: she flings her beloved stuffed toy, Bobbo, high in the air, only to have him land on top of a school bus just as it’s pulling away! Lily is inconsolable. What if she never sees Bobbo again? Little does she know (though the reader can see) that Bobbo is having an exciting adventure at school — and will be well cared for until he finds his way back to Lily. In her deft portrayal of a preschooler’s worries, Shirley Hughes offers a comforting peek into an appealing world to come.

My Take on the Book
When I read this story I thought of my daughter and her precious friend , MONKEY, a stuffed animal who goes everywhere and shares all of her adventures in life. The main character, Lily, loves her Bobbo, a stuffed dog.

Bobbo ends up on the top of the school bus and of course this brings much distress to Lily. Her mom in instrumental in discovering his location. Thus Bobbo and Lily are reunited.

This is a sweet story to read to your special child who has a stuffed animal friend. Their friend is an essential part of their daily life. Shirley Hughes story does an excellent job illustrating this special friendship which needs to be taken seriously with respect by adults.

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