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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review - The Wicked Girls

The Wicked Girls
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About the Book
Eleven year-old Jade and Bel met for the first time one summer day in 1986—a day that began innocently enough, but that ended in calamity: six-year old Chloe is found dead and Jade and Bel are charged with her murder. The Wicked Girls , (A Penguin Original; $16.00; ISBN 978-0-14-312386-6; On sale: July 30, 2013; also available as an e-book) by Alex Marwood, picks up their story twenty-five years later when journalist Kirsty Lindsay begins writing a story that leads her to Amber Gordon whom she hasn’t seen in twenty-five years and with whom the law expressly forbids her to communicate.

Both women have fought hard to forget the horrific circumstances of their childhoods—Chloe’s death, and the juvenile detention and isolation that followed it. At extreme personal cost, they have both managed to keep their true identities secret from their friends, families, and loved ones. Kirsty works as a journalist with two children and a loving husband. Amber, recently promoted at the amusement park in the seaside town of Whitmouth where she works, owns a house and lives with her long-term boyfriend. Neither has set eyes on the other since that fateful summer day.

That all changes when a series of deadly attacks on women shakes the town of Whitmouth and Amber discovers one of the victims. Kirsty is sent to Whitmouth on assignment to cover the investigation and both women become entrenched in the growing turmoil, forced to confront each other and the past that they have struggled so hard to hide. As circumstances draw Amber and Kirsty closer and closer together, the two women are forced to make a decision that will cement their fates together forever.

Fans of the Academy Award-nominated film Heavenly Creatures and the novels of Rosamund Lupton and Chevy Stevens will love THE WICKED GIRLS. Dark, fast-paced, and gripping, it will challenge your notions of right and wrong and leave you holding your breath until the very end.

Alex Marwood is the pseudonym of a former journalist who has worked extensively across the British press. Marwood lives in South London and is working on her next novel.

My Take on the Book
This is a story that you will get lost in. I only received it the other day and in sitting down to read it, hours would go by and it would only seem like minutes. I completely lost myself in the characters and the plot of this spell-binding tale.

The author did a great job at developing the characters and the world in which the characters inhabit. The story itself has an underlying current that goes throughout the story and you can feel the tension, emotions and so much more as you read further and further into the story itself.

This book will keep you guessing until the very end!

I highly recommend this to all and am looking forward to additional books to come from this author!

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