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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Review - Bunny Loves to Write

Bunny Loves to Write
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About the Book
Buster Bunny loves to read. And when hes given a notebook and pencil, he discovers that he loves to write, too! Children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in this exciting picture book with a story and doodles by Buster himself.

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My Take on the Book
Buster Bunny has an assignment from school. He must write a creative story. As he joins his animal friends , he gathers ideas for his story. Then with the help of his friends, he writes quite an interesting adventure including all of his ideas as he played with his friends. This is a story you and your child will enjoy.

Peter Bently, I feel is showing us, through his story, that we are surrounded by ideas for stories in our daily life. Being aware of events in each minute of our day, will provide you and your child with opportunities to explore your imagination.

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