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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bubble Science With Clifford Makes Science Fun!

Bubble Science With Clifford
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About the Product
Clifford and his friends love exploring the world around them and with this exhilarating kit they are learning all about BUBBLE SCIENCE! Emily Elizabeth, the narrator in the colorful 20-page manual, guides young scientists through exciting experiments with catchy titles such as oil and water, water bubbles, jumping pepper, gliding boat, bubble sculptures, big bubbles, mini bubbles, funnel bubbles, colored bubbles, bubble prints, bubble blow art, pipe cleaner bubbles, and carbon dioxide bubbles. Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when they use the included colorful lab tray, measuring cup, and funnel to perform their experiments! Join Clifford and his friends on an adventure into the world of science! (Ages 3 and up)

My Take on the Product
Esther Novis, the founder and president of The Young Scientist Club, sent one of the Clifford Science kits from the series of simple kits for young children. This particular kit was to help children learn about bubbles.

The kit included a manual of 14 activities. There were bottles of bubble solution, paper, straws,a funnel,measuring cup, piece of foil, rubber bands, a bubble wand, and pipe cleaners. A few items from your pantry are needed to supplement the activities. They supplemental items are: vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, cooking oil, food coloring, and pepper.

The step by step directions were explained well and easy to follow. Each page included the reason for the activity and then a concluding statement about the final results at the bottom of each page.

My girls (ages 5 and 8) enjoyed all the activities. Most can be done in your kitchen but the activities with the food coloring we decided to perform in the garage. The girls had fun, used their observation skills, and learned new facts about bubbles, water, and air.

I believe you and your child will enjoy this excellent opportunity to introduce a science concept. You will discuss the concepts, answer questions, and probably have fun reworking the experiments several times to the delight of your children.

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