Dad of Divas' Reviews: The NYNE NB-200 Provides Great Sound @NYNEmultimedia

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The NYNE NB-200 Provides Great Sound @NYNEmultimedia

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About the Product
NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Bicycle Clips

NYNE builds lifestyle-inspired audio. They listened to moms who have worried about their children being in danger by wearing headphones while walking to school or crossing the street, absorbed by their music and not hearing their surroundings.

With NYNE NB-200 and its bicycle clips, you can simply attach this little speaker to your bike and enjoy your music while leisurely riding. The NB-200 is a stylish portable wireless Bluetooth Speaker that is small enough to carry in a bag or be attached to a bike or stroller handlebars (custom clips included) for music enjoyment while biking, walking, or running.

Walking your baby to sleep?

Attach NYNE NB-200 to the stroller and make walking your baby a pleasure. You can listen to your favorite music or play a lullaby and help your baby to sleep, or just use NB-200’s hidden microphone and answer your phone calls hands-free.

Exercising at Home Does Not Need to Be Boring

Attach NB-200 to your exercise machine and make the exercise an enjoyment.

Use NB-200 As Your Phone Conferencing Speaker for Your Home Office

Equipped with a built-in splash-proof microphone with advanced noise-cancellation for hands-free calling, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery that supports up to five hours of continuous playtime, NB-200 can be used as a speaker for phone conferencing purposes in your home office.

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My Take on the Product
This new product is a great speaker that provides you with great sound for the size that it is. I was quite impressed with the overall clarity that came from the speaker all-together and at the same time it was easy to use and to install on my bike. The idea with this is to provide you with tunes while you are biking, and I for one see this as a great idea.

One issue that I had with this though did relate to the mounting brackets/clips that were included. I found that they did not hold as well as I would have liked and I was having to play with them, especially after a ride as they did not seem to hold consistently.

I found that the bluetooth technology in the speaker worked quite well and I was able to get the music that I wanted when I wanted it which was perfect and even when I was riding on different terrains the sound quality still remained solid.

What Come With This
  • NYNE NB-200 Bluetooth Soeaker
  • 3.5 mm AUX Audio Cable
  • Handlebar mounting system
  • Felt carrying bag
The speaker does not come with a regular power charger, but only a USB charger. You can purchase an adapter at most stores these days, but I would have preferred to have received this in the box myself.

One final thing to consider - the speaker is water resistant, but not waterproof. If you have this on your bike and are on a ride and it starts to rain, you will need to make sure that you get under cover, especially if you have it mounted to the bike as is typical. If I were to change anything about the speaker it would be to truly make it waterproof so that for any biking conditions you were covered!

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