Dad of Divas' Reviews: Cooper & Kid Introduces Catch - A New EZine for Dads

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cooper & Kid Introduces Catch - A New EZine for Dads

Being a dad just got even better. Cooper and Kid (, the retail brand that champions dads through dedicated products and services designed to help men embrace their mission into fatherhood, announces the launch of a new online publication for dads: Catch ( Catch, e-published on Cooper and Kid’s newly redesigned website, released its first issue on August 19, 2013.

Created by Cooper and Kid founder Nichole Smaglick, Catch offers honest and often humorous content contributed by a diverse selection of dads to help all men with children navigate through fatherhood. “Catch is an intelligent and accessible online portal for dads to explore, celebrate, and navigate through what it means to be a father, as well as enhance the critical rite of passage into fatherhood,” says Smaglick. “While the market is saturated with content geared towards moms and expecting moms, there are only a few scattered resources that dads can turn to, and Catch satisfies this void for all fathers.

Articles will be categorized into eight topic pillars: The Meatball Man Date – 1 on 1’s with dads; Cowboy Compass – outdoor skills and stories; Play – projects and toys; First, Get the Pancake – cooking and food as a dad; Manual Shift – exploring the gear-change of fatherhood; Body Shop – workouts and nutrition; Art and Entertainment – books, movies, TV, music, videos, apps, games; and Battle Zone – a weekly face-off for all things dad, man and parenting. A ninth pillar is expected to follow soon after launch. New content will be published daily, Monday through Friday. Contributors include real dads and also celebrity dads and newsmakers.

“Becoming a dad changes a man’s life not only in his perception of self and personal growth, but also how he manages his free-time, career, finances, health, relationships and inner moral compass, says Smaglick. “Dads will explore that metamorphosis of becoming a father with humor and straight-talk honesty, discover dad and non-dad tips on cool things to do, as well as ways to handle new situations and poignant manhood fodder. Topics and writers will evolve over time, so every time dads return, they will ‘Catch’ something new.”

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