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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Review - Pajanimals: Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend

Pajanimals: Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend
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About the Book
In Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend Sweet Pea Sue can’t sleep at bedtime because she’s scared of a picture of an octopus she saw in a book. When the Pajanimals go to the Big, Blue Sea, they meet Ellie, a real octopus. To Sweet Pea Sue’s surprise, Ellie is scared of the Pajanimals. The two realize that there is nothing to be afraid of because they just want to be friends.

Includes removable stickers to complete the story!

Get Caught Reading Program
The Jim Henson Company, a leader in family entertainment for over 50 years, and its adorable PAJANIMALS, are partnering with the Association of American Publishers (AAP) on its Celebrity Get Caught Reading campaign this August, coinciding with Get Ready for Kindergarten Month and the release of a slate of new PAJANIMALS books from Running Press Kids.

The Get Caught Reading campaign was developed by the AAP and launched in 1999 to promote and celebrate the joy of reading, and is embraced by thousands of celebrities, booksellers, teachers and librarians who continue to support this campaign across the country. The celebrity Get Caught Reading posters, including PAJANIMALS, can be ordered for free here– all you pay is shipping!

It should come as no surprise that one of the best ways to prepare young children for their first educational experience – Kindergarten – is by reading with them. In fact, in an article entitled Getting Ready for Kindergarten for, writer Skila Brown reported: “The consensus among teachers is that reading aloud, talking about school, and getting your child emotionally and physically ready are the big steps parents need to take before the school bell rings.”

Following a story requires focus, imagination, and an interest to know what comes next, all essential skills for kindergarten readiness. Sarah Powell, Project Coordinator at Peabody School of Education at Vanderbilt University urges parents, “Read to your child. Parents should simply read to their child and talk about the importance of doing well in school to get their child ready for kindergarten.”

Reading stories that resonate with a child’s emotions about starting school may also help. Running Press Kids’ PAJANIMALS board book with stickers, like It’s Apollo’s Special Day (SRP: $7.95) and Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend (SRP: 7.95) may create positive anticipation for the first day of Kindergarten, helping to alleviate a child’s anxiety. Other stories, like board book Sweet Pea Sue Misses Mom & Dad (SRP: $6.95) or paperbacks like Apollo Has a Bad Day (SRP $4.95) or Squacky is Afraid of the Dark (SRP: $4.95), are wonderful ways to initiate discussions with kids about expectations and fears regarding their new classroom environment. The new books from Running Press Kids are available on August 16th, everywhere books are sold! And a new holiday title, Squacky and the Gift of Christmas (SRP: $7.95) will be available on September 24th.

Children will enjoy cuddling up with an all-new Pajanimal Pal from TOMY (SRP: $12.99, and while they practice reading one of the new PAJANIMALS books. Toddlers won’t be able to put this blankie down with the super soft satin on one side and cuddly fleece on the other. Available in each of the characters from the show with their matching pajama prints.

PAJANIMALS currently airs daily on Sprout, the 24-hour preschool channel parents and kids share together and also airs on Saturday mornings on NBC Kids, The PAJANIMALS series follows the adventures of four cuddly musical puppets -- Sweet Pea Sue, Squacky, Cowbella and Apollo. Their journeys celebrate imagination and tackle typical toddler issues such as the fear of the first day of school, making new friends and learning how to share. The PAJANIMALS end their day of play with a relaxing return to their cozy bedroom and familiar night time routines, including bathing, brushing teeth and story time, to develop a feeling of safety and structure.

PAJANIMALS fans can also visit the website to participate in the various PAJANIMALS’ activities and play the latest PAJANIMALS’ games online.

My Take on the Book
This was a fun book for young readers - filled with great pictures and a great story, this book will keep your child's attention from beginning to end. What's better is the built in reusable stickers and ability to stick the stickers on specific parts of the book - thereby keeping the child actively engaged on each page.

On top of this the Pajanimal Pal that came with the book was so soft and even though my kids are a bit older for this, they still loved it and it reminded them of some of the crib friends that they had as a baby (and still have today).

All-in-all this was a great set and something I would highly recommend!

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