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Monday, April 14, 2014

Movie Review - Antboy


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About the Movie
A young boy who yearns to be something “special” transforms into a mighty super hero in the quintessential family adventure, Antboy, exploding into theaters April 16 from Cinedigm. Hitting screens in Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and Seattle, the highly acclaimed film, based on the popular Danish comic series by Kenneth B√łgh Andersen, premiered at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

Ordinary, overlooked 12-year old Pelle (Oscar Dietz) is transformed into an extraordinary superhero after he is bitten by a super-ant and inherits its abilities. Overnight, the boy who nobody noticed becomes a local hero as he is dubbed “Antboy.” With the help of his new friend and sidekick, comic-loving Wilhelm, climbing walls, flipping cars, stopping robbers and saving babies all become part of his new dream life. But all this changes when super-villain “The Flea” kidnaps a young girl, the subject of Pelle’s affection and terrorizes the citizens of Middelund. Antboy, with his sidekick Wilhelm and their friend Ida who won’t take no for an answer, must fight this treacherous evil, rescue the damsel in distress, save the town from a super-villain and be home in time for dinner.

Full of heart, humor and one special hero, Antboy is directed by Ask Hasselbalch, and produced by Birgitte Hald, Eva Jakobsen and Lea Lobger. A Dove Foundation approved film, it garnered “Best Children/Youth Film” and “Best Visual Effects” at Denmark’s 2014 Robert Festival, and also screened at the London Film Festival and the Portland Film Festival.

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My Take on the Movie
This was a fun movie that any superhero fan will appreciate. What was fun about this is that for me it awakened and helped me remember all of the times when I was a child when I wished that I was a superhero. This young boy, actually became one! As a parent, I have to say that I loved that the movie was family friendly as too many superhero films move away from this and bring in too much violence. This does not, but it holds true to the superhero genre of film. All I can say is that my whole family loved this and your family will too!

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