Dad of Divas' Reviews: eKids Captain America Technology Offers Great Sound Quality!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

eKids Captain America Technology Offers Great Sound Quality!

eKids Captain America Technology Offers Great Sound Quality!
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With Captain America: The Winter Soldier now being in theatres, eKids, a sister company of iHome Audio has introduced some amazing new technology for kids that connect kids, not only to the movie, but also to some great technology.

eKids Captain America Technology Offers Great Sound Quality!
The eKids Captain America Over-the-Ear Headphones feature an adjustable headband and soft ear cushions, while the Noise Isolating Earbuds are compact enough to throw in the carry-on for summer travel! The Rechargeable Character Speakers are also very travel-friendly and lightweight, hooking up to any MP3 player or laptop to play movies and music.

eKids Captain America Technology Offers Great Sound Quality!

The items vary from $14.99-$24.99 and are available at

My Take on the Products
I have been a fan of Captain America for years, and now with the movies out, a new generation is also getting connected to this great American icon. On top of the movies though eKids has come up with a HUGE line of products that allow kids to connect with their favorite characters (from super heroes to Mickey Mouse and more!). I was lucky enough to be able to try out a few of the items above to share my thoughts on with you today.

I tried the headphones that you see at the top of the screen and the wireless speaker above. First off, I have to comment on the artwork and design of the products. both were well done artistically. I loved the color scheme and its connection to Captain America. That being said there were a few details that I loved on these products. For example, the shield that is on the side of the wireless speaker was a great touch and something that I would not have expected to be there. On the headphones, I loved how the color scheme worked throughout the product itself as it added to the overall consistency with the theme.

Best of all for both of these items was the sound quality that you received. The headphones truly canceled out outside noise and in trying them on my oldest daughter, they fit her perfectly. My youngest has a smaller head and the speakers did not fit her as well (but not many headphones do). The wireless speaker was easy to set up and the rechargeable battery held quite a bit of life (more than I had expected) before needing to be recharged. As in most rechargeable technology, they encourage that you run the battery all of the way down before recharging, so keep that in mind as you use this.

All-in-all the design and sound quality were definitely things that sold me. On top of this though, in reviewing the website, I have to say that I was VERY Impressed with the selection that eKids offers, as I was not expecting the breadth and depth of products and characters that were represented. If you have yet to see these, I encourage you to check out the eKids website today!

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