Dad of Divas' Reviews: DOSH wallets Give Men Style This Fathers Day

Sunday, April 13, 2014

DOSH wallets Give Men Style This Fathers Day

DOSH wallets
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Providing stylish men a unique and diverse selection of wallets from several different designers, each product is hand selected for function, quality and value. Dosh wallets are perfect for the fashion conscious gent who is looking for an innovative, durable, stylish way to carry your goods. One of the slimmest, these wallets will never create a bulky pocket. The Dosh 6 (pictured left) holds up to 6 cards, is molded in TPU, a very water resistant material, and is made of all recyclable material. MSRP $74.95

DOSH wallets

My Take on the Wallet
This was a very interesting wallet that was both fashionable and comfortable to wear. This is probably the most modern wallet that I have ever had and it also was the thinnest and most minimalist wallet too. I did have to cut some of the things that I typically hold in my wallet, but once I figured out what I really needed, this wallet really made sense and I found that it was completely comfortable to either carry in my front pocket or to sit on. I will say that if you have a lot of cards or have a lot to carry then this may not be the wallet for you, but if you are willing to make a change to something more minimal, then this is definitely a great wallet. I have been using the wallet now for some time and the outside of the wallet itself has definitely held up even with me pulling this out, sitting on it and using it quite a bit. I will also say that the slots where you place your cards are very secure and whether you shake it, turn it upside down, or whatever you do your cards stay secure. All-in-all this is a great wallet that will hold up no matter what you throw at it and is a wonderful one to give any dad this fathers day!

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