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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book Review - Disney Frozen A Sister More Like Me

Disney Frozen A Sister More Like Me
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About the Book
Explore a wintery world of magic in Walt Disney Animation Studio's latest film, Frozen. This jacketed picture book features an original story about Anna and Elsa, the film's two sisters, as well as illustrations by one of the artists who worked on the film.

My Take on the Book
Our family loves the movie Frozen from Disney, and my girls cannot get enough of both the movie and its' songs. For me, I loved the story, so finding great kids books that follow the story line have been wonderful as they encourage the girls to read something that they are already passionate about!

This book was wonderfully written, with a fun plot that follows some of the concepts from teh movie, but is also unique too. The illustrations were vibrant and made every page come alive. The lyrical prose was fun to read and the book, with its' rhyming, makes you continue through the book quickly.

All-in-all this was a beautiful book that any Frozen fan will love!

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